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Society for Freshwater Science Awards

We welcome nominations for each of these awards at any time. All nominations received before March 15 of each year will be considered for the subsequent year. Please upload your nomination materials here:

SFS Awards Nomination Portal

Submission Deadline: March 15, 2018

All award nominations should include:
-a nominating letter
-one or more letters of support compiled into a single document

For the Hynes Award only, the nomination package must also include the upload of the paper for which the author is being nominated.

Once your nomination has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from sfsmembership@usu.edu.

If you are having difficulty submitting a nomination or have questions about the process, please contact sfsmembership@usu.edu.

Award of Excellence

SFS 2017 Award of Excellence: Walter K. Dodds

Dr. Walter K. Dodds, the 2017 recipient of the SFS Award of Excellence, has a distinguished career in ecology that has produced applied and basic information in stream ecology and beyond. Walter has made substantial research contributions in areas including nutrient cycling in streams and other aquatic environments, understanding trophic state of streams as linked to nutrients, establishing baseline nutrient levels, management of stream eutrophication, expanding understanding of grassland streams, and establishing a conceptual basis for predicting characteristics of streams across biome gradients. He has also authored numerous books including a leading text on freshwater ecology, an exploration of general laws and prediction in ecology, and a non-technical exploration of human impacts on the global environment. Walter received a PhD in biology from the University of Oregon working on a cyanobacterium in a cold spring. From there, he took a postdoctoral position researching nitrogen and phosphorus dynamics in Flathead Lake. He then received a postdoctoral fellowship from the National Science Foundation to work on facilitative interactions among Cladophora, its epiphtyes, and grazers at Montana State University. In 1990, he took a position at Kansas State University, where he is currently a University Distinguished Professor in Biology. So far he has mentored 28 undergraduate, 11 Masters, 10 PhD. students and 8 Postdoctoral researchers. He has published over 160 peer reviewed publications and received international, national, state and local grant funding. He has been involved with the Konza Prairie Long Term Ecological Research program as an investigator and co-PI since arriving in Kansas. Walter has been an active participant in several influential collaborative efforts including the Lotic Intersite Nitrogen eXperiment [LINX] I and II, the effort that established the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) aquatic site design for streams, the Scale Consumers and Lotic Ecosystem Rates (SCALER) project developed to understand how ecological processes scale in streams, and the Brazil primary/ secondary production stream team. Walter provided central background science and guidance to efforts to establish nutrient criteria in streams of the United States and he currently is expanding that work to Brazil. In addition, Walter has worked internationally with colleagues in New Zealand, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, and Panama.

About the Award

The SFS AoE is awarded to a single recipient for outstanding contributions to benthic science. The scope of the award will reflect the broad interests and expertise exhibited in the Society, but the award will not be limited to members of the Society. Submit your nominations using the SFS Awards Nomination Portal linked at the top of this page.


1988   H. B. Noel Hynes
1989   Thomas F. Waters
1990   Kenneth W. Cummins
1991   Robert W. Pennak
1992   Ruth Patrick
1993   Ralph O. Brinkhurst
1994   G. Wayne Minshall
1995     Rosemary J. Mackay
1996   Oliver S. Flint
1997   Kenneth W. Stewart
1998    Stuart G. Fisher
1999    J. Bruce Wallace
2000    George F. Edmunds
2001   James V. Ward
2002   P. Sam Lake
2003    Judy L. Meyer
2004   Jack Stanford
2005    Vincent Resh
2006   Jack Webster
2007   Richard Merritt
2008   Bobbi Peckarsky
2009   J. David Allan
2010   William Hilsenoff
2011   Patrick Mulholland (award talk)
2012   Arthur Benke (award talk)
2013   Richard Norris
2014   Colin R. Townsend
2015   Margaret A. Palmer
2016   Clifford Dahm
2017   Walter K. Dodds

Environmental Stewardship Award

SFS 2017 Environmental Stewardship Award: David Lenat

Just about one year ago we lost one of our best. Dave enjoyed a distinguished career as a stream ecologist with the North Carolina Division of Water Quality and after retirement, worked as a private consultant. The list of his accomplishments were exceptional and his knowledge of North Carolina's streams and their fauna extraordinary. Dave was an early and strong advocate of the use of the insect orders Ephmeroptera, Plecoptera and Trichoptera as indicators of stream health and promoted its use as a tool in the Rapid Bioassessment Protocols developed by the EPA. Dave not only became a leader in the bioassessment movement in the southeastern U.S., but also nationally by helping to define numeric and narrative water quality standards and monitoring excellence. He authored/coauthored 66 scholarly papers which have been cited more than 3,000 times. Papers included diverse topics such as the establishment of a biotic index in NC, a list of tolerance values for aquatic insects in NC and the effects of land use on water quality and aquatic biota.

Dave was a distinguished, long-standing member of our society and enjoyed attending the conferences and the comradery our society offers. He had a keen sense of taxonomic diversity and assisted in the descriptions of several new insect taxa; Haploperal fleeki, Perlesta bjostadi and Perlesta georgiae (honoring his wife) and non-insects including work with Oligochaeta and crayfish. He was honored for his zeal of collecting and taxonomy by colleagues naming several patronyms; Maccaffertium lenati, Alloperla lenati and Isoperla lenati. The 2017 Environmental Stewardship award permanently recognizes his many contributions to our science.

About the Award

Recipient of the SFS ESA will be a Society member or non-member who has worked successfully to translate scientific knowledge into the social/public arena. This may occur in the policy arena via regulatory reform that requires or enables consideration of biological conditions (e.g., biological assessment or criteria), in the research arena via ecosystem rehabilitation or aquatic conservation, or in the educational arena via public outreach in science education. Successful candidates for this award must have demonstrated exceptional service in activities that implemented conservation or rehabilitation of aquatic ecosystems; developed a strategy to conserve, rehabilitate, or ecologically manage aquatic ecosystems; or advanced our science as the basis for making informed decisions regarding management of aquatic resources. Submit your nominations using the SFS Awards Nomination Portal linked at the top of this page.


2004   Susan K. Jackson
2005    James R. Karr
2006   Bob Hughes
2007   Ben Stout
2008   David Penrose
2009   Chris O. Yoder
2010   William Hilsenoff
2011   Susan P. Davies
2012   Jerry Jacobi
2013   J. Bruce Wallace
2014   Michael T. Barbour
2015   Stephen K. Hamilton
2016   Jim Harrington
2017   David Lenat

Distinguished Service Award

SFS 2017 Distinguished Service Award: Susan B. Norton

Dr. Susan B. Norton is the recipient of the 2017 Society for Freshwater Science Distinguished Service Award. She is a senior ecologist with the U.S. EPA Office of Research and Development in the National Center for Environmental Assessment.

Sue is enthusiastic about science, its application to policy and management, and how those issues can be shared and communicated through SFS, where she has a long history of membership and service. She conducted workshops on Stressor Identification at the 2004 Vancouver meeting, and the 2015 Mid-Atlantic Chapter Meeting. She served on the Technical Issues Committee as a member from 2005-2009, and as Chair from 2007-2009. She also served on the Environmental Stewardship Award Committee. Sue served for 3 terms as SFS Secretary, served on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, and she also graciously filled in for Mike Swift as Treasurer in 2009 while he was out of the country.

Sue excelled in her role as Secretary, reflecting her high level of competence, her strong motivation to see everything done well and on time, and her incredibly pleasant and unsinkable personality, which has allowed Sue to work effectively with all manner of other personalities. Sue's commitment to the growth and development of SFS, and her willingness to collaborate with others to reach our goals are hallmarks of her involvement in SFS at every level. Sue managed to make the job look easy, no matter the substantial challenges, efforts, and stresses that attended it! The Society has benefited from her keen intelligence, professional approach, and deep institutional knowledge, and we are pleased to present her with this award as a token of our appreciation.

About the Award

The SFS DSA will is awarded to a Society member who has made a genuine and lasting contribution to the betterment of the Society. Submit your nominations using the SFS Awards Nomination Portal linked at the top of this page.


1996   Irwin Polls
1997   Ronald A Hellenthal
1998    No Award Given
1999    Donald W. Webb
2000    David M. Rosenberg
2001   Virginia R. Tolbert
2002   Steven P. Canton
2003    Antoine Morin
2004   Donna Giberson
2005    Peggy Morgan
2006   Nick Aumen
2007   Kim Haag
2008   David Penrose
2009   Judy Li
2010   Bernard Sweeney
2011   Fred Benfield
2012   Michael Barbour
2013   Lucinda Johnson
2014   Mark J. Wetzel
2015   John C. Morse
2017   Susan B. Norton

Hynes Award for New Investigators

SFS 2017 Hynes Award: Amanda DelVecchia

Amanda DelVecchia is an ecosystem ecologist broadly interested in the interactions between biogeochemical and ecological processes in freshwater ecosystems. She is currently a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Scholar working with Dr. Brad Taylor and Dr. Scott Wissinger to understand how climate-change induced shifts in caddisfly populations affect carbon and nutrient transformations in alpine ponds. She received her PhD from the University of Montana having worked with Dr. Jack Stanford at Flathead Lake Biological Station on the role of methane dynamics in supporting ecosystems in shallow alluvial aquifers of river floodplains, most notably the Nyack Floodplain in northwestern Montana. She was selected for the Hynes award based on her publication resulting from this work, which showed the widespread contribution of methane-derived carbon to aquifer consumer biomass and documented the first contribution of millennial-aged methane-derived carbon to secondary consumers in a freshwater system: DelVecchia, Amanda G., Jack A. Stanford, and Xiaomei Xu. "Ancient and Methane-Derived Carbon Subsidizes Contemporary Food Webs." Nature Communications 7 (2016): 13163. She also currently studies patterns of carbon dioxide concentrations and efflux across pond ecosystems, geologic and biological carbon sources and transformations in river aquifer ecosystems, and population genomics of geographically isolated macroinvertebrate populations.

About the Award

The Hynes Award for New Investigators will be awarded to a benthic scientist who was senior author of an outstanding primary publication in benthic science that appeared in print in the last 3 years (i.e., 2012 to availability online by 31 December 2014). The recipient must have received a terminal post-graduate degree within the last five years, and cannot currently be enrolled in a degree program. Nominations should consist of a letter explaining why the paper was outstanding, a curriculum vitae to verify that the nominee satisfies the criteria, and a copy of the paper for the committee to evaluate (all in pdf form). Additional letters of support are unnecessary and repeat nomination of papers is encouraged as long as they still satisfy the award criteria. Submit your nominations using the SFS Awards Nomination Portal linked at the top of this page.


2000    Robert O. Hall Jr.
2001   Michelle A. Baker
2002   David A. Lytle
2003    Bradley J. Cardinale
2004   Emily S. Bernhardt
2005    Colden V. Baxter
2006   Jack Brookshire
2007   Brad W. Taylor
2008   Peter B. McIntyre
2009   Brian Roberts
2010   John Davis
2011   Debra S. Finn
2012   Ronald D. Bassar (award talk)
2013   Michael T. Bogan
2014   Daniel C. Allen
2015   Carla L. Atkinson
2016   Erin R. Hotchkiss
2017   Amanda DelVecchia

Students Awards

Best Oral Presentation Basic Research

1994   Robert O. Hall, Jr
1995     Brian K. Dail
1996   W. V. Sobczak.
1997   B.J. Cardinale
1998    Michelle A. Baker
D. A. Lytle
1999    A.S. Schultheis
J.R. Welter
2000    B.J. Cardinale
E.S. Bernhardt
2001   Michele A. Evans-White
Kristen Rowell
2002   Jill R. Welter
Wyatt F. Cross
2003    Sarah A. Brown
Wade L. Hadwen
Amanda T. Rugenski
2004   Daniel J. McGarvey
Jason E. Jannot
2005    Carri LeRoy
2006   Michelle Greenwood
2007   Jessica M. Hopkins
2008   Erin R. Hotchkiss
2009   Lauren E. Koenig
2012   William D Bovill
2013   Nicholas Rasmussen
2014   Jessica Corman
2015   Mathew Kaylor
2016   Ryan Peek
2017   Andrew Sanders

Runner Up Oral Presentation Basic Research

2005    Debra Finn
2006   Justin Murdock
2007   David M. Costello
2008   Daniel C. Allen
2009   Eric R. Larson
2012   Krista A. Capps
2013   Amanda Subalusky
2014   Christopher Dalton
2015   Sophie Cauvy-Fraunié
2016   Kelley Fritz
2017   Kelley Fritz

Best Oral Presentation Applied Research

1994   Danuta T. Zaranko
1995     Monique G. Dube
1996   C. E. Torgersen
1997   C.E. Rogers
1998    Richard  R. Doucett
M. A. Veliz
1999    H.G. Van der Geest
Dey K. Niyog
2000    H. Van Der Geest
Rosalie B. Del Rosario
2001   Kirk L. Krueger
Candace R. Bauer
2002   JoAnna L. Lessard
Achim Partzold
2003    Christy J. Geraci
Ryan Hill
Timothy J. Cox
2004   Trey Simmons
Kristy L. Rogers
2005    Daelyn Woolnough
2006   Jennifer Beaulieu
2007   David J. Janetski
2008   Sally A. Entrekin
2009   Lindsey Albertson
2012   Cayelan C. Carey
2013   Elizabeth Perkin
2014   Joanna Blaszczak
2015   Katherine Standen
2016   William Deacy
2017   Alex Webster

Runner Up Oral Presentation Applied Research

2005    Matthew Opdyke
2006   Scott Tiegs
2007   Timothy D. Jardine
2008   Julie D. Alexander
2009   Kathyrn Vallis
2012   Ericka Hegeman
2013   Sami Domisch
2014   Emily Davis
2015   Ana Chara-Serna
2016   Scott Hotaling
2017   Brittany Hanrahan

Best Presentation Emphasizing Methodology

1994   Laura White
1995     Frank M. Wilhelm
1996   C. Lisa Dent
1997   Michelle F. Bowman
1998    Jennifer L. Greenwood
1999    Brent R. Johnson
2000    E.A. Steel
2001   Jeffrey D.Ostermiller
2002   Michael C. Marshall
2003    Chris L. Burcher
2004   Julie Henry Zimmerman
2005    Scott Rollins
2006   John R. Olson
2007   David C. Richardson
2008   Sarah B. Whorley
2009   Adam S. Ward
2012   Nissa Rudh
2013   Lauren Koenig
2014   Cameron Turner
2015   Brian Gill
2016   Eric Scholl
2017   Anna Boegehold

Best Poster Presentation

1994   Danuta T. Zaranko
1995     Monique G. Dube
1996   C. E. Torgersen
1997   C.E. Rogers
1998    Richard  R. Doucett
M. A. Veliz
1999    H.G. Van der Geest
Dey K. Niyogi
2000    H. Van Der Geest
Rosalie B. Del Rosario
2001   Kirk L. Krueger
Candace R. Bauer
2002   JoAnna L. Lessard
Achim Partzold
2003    Christy J. Geraci
Ryan Hill
Timothy J. Cox
2004   Trey Simmons
Kristy L. Rogers
2005    Daelyn Woolnough
2006   Jennifer Beaulieu
2007   David J. Janetski
2008   Sally A. Entrekin

Best Poster Basic Research

2005    Andrew Myers
2006   Elizabeth Sudduth
2007   Julianne Heinlein
2008   Allison M. Asher
2009   Marc Peipoch
2012   Therese C. Frauendorf
2013   Robert J. Mooney
2014   Keeley MacNeill
2015   Kaylee Faltys
2016   Sydney Ruhala
2017   Andrea Fitzgibbon

Best Poster Applied Research

2005   Matthew Cover
2006   Evan Fitzgerald
2007   Hannah R. Lubbers
2008   Lauren E. Kinsman
2009   Josette M. La Hée
2012   Mari Annala
2013   Brandon Sansom
2014   Stacey Wensink
2015   Aaron Marti
2016   Rachel Voight
2017   Madeline S. Genco

Best Oral or Poster Presentation by an Undergraduate Student

2012   Robert J. Mooney
2013   Shelby Servais
2014   Misha Warbanski
2015   Bree Bender
2016   Emily Wolfe
2017   Patrick Carroll

Best Oral or Poster Presentation involving Crayfish

2012   Eric K. Moody
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