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SFS Constitutional Revisions 2016

The Board of Directors has prepared revisions to SFS By-laws to make them align better with SFS practice. These include language establishing an SFS Fellows program, an Endowed Publication Fund and Journal Endowment Committee, and renaming the "Assistant to the President" position to the more accurate title of "Vice President." These proposed revisions were approved by the SFS Board of Directors, and will be put to a vote of the membership at the upcoming annual meeting in May, as per the amendment process specified in the SFS By-laws.

Read more and view the proposed changes below.


Matt Whiles
President, Society for Freshwater Science

Proposed Revision to By-Laws Item 1

Establishment of Fellows of the Society of Freshwater Science

Context for change: The Board of Directors approves of the establishment of a Fellows program, in order to recognize the scientific and service contributions of distinguished SFS members.

Recommended addition to By-laws (As a new, second paragraph in Article 5, Section D): "Fellows of the Society of Freshwater Science include accomplished member scientists who are leaders in their disciplines and who have dedicated substantial time and resources to benefit the society. The SFS Fellows will be responsible for selecting up to 4 new Fellows each year by majority vote. The total population of Fellows shall not exceed 4% of the SFS membership."

Proposed Revision to By-Laws Item 2

Establishment of an Endowed Publication Fund and Journal Endowment Committee

Context for change: The Board of Directors approves the establishment of an Endowed Publication Fund for providing financial support awards to authors, as well as the establishment of a committee to manage this fund.

Recommended addition to By-laws (As a new Section R in Article 5): "Journal Endowment Committee. A Journal Endowment Committee shall manage the Endowed Publication Fund. The duties and responsibilities of the Journal Endowment Committee shall be to: (a) prepare policies for management of the Endowed Publication Fund; (b) establish and maintain guidelines and criteria for financial support to authors; (c) determine total annual funding available for awards; and (d) review and approve author requests for financial support. The Journal Endowment Committee shall consist of five (5) voting members: Editor of Freshwater Science, Business Manager of Freshwater Science, Chair of the Publication Committee, one (1) member of the Board of Trustees and one (1) member of the Freshwater Science Editorial Board. Editorial Board and SFS Board members shall be appointed by the current President, each for a two (2) year staggered term. The Journal's Business Manager shall serve as Chair of the Journal Endowment Committee."

Recommended addition to By-laws (Additional Text under Article 8): "The Endowed Publication Fund for Freshwater Science (the "Endowed Publication Fund") establishes, in perpetuity, a source of funding dedicated to providing financial support to authors who submit manuscripts for publication in Freshwater Science. Funding awards shall be available to authors for improving the quality, distribution, and access of scientific papers submitted or published in Freshwater Science, including but not limited to editorial assistance to authors whose primary language is not English, pages charges, open access fees, and charges for color figures. Interest income generated by investment of capital in the Endowed Publication Fund shall provide funding for author awards.

The Society for Freshwater Science's Board of Directors in consultation with the Journal Endowment Committee, shall have the power to receive grants, planned gifts (cash, securities, real estate, personal property), contributions, and other sums of like nature, and to receive, hold, sell and resell property (real, personal, or mixed) without limitations to its value, for the Endowed Publication Fund.

If Freshwater Science ceases publishing papers, termination of the Endowed Publication Fund can be effected by a two-thirds (2/3) approval of the Board, upon recommendation by the Editorial Board and the Publication Committee. Funds from the terminated Endowed Publication Fund shall be transferred to the Society's General Endowment Fund."

Proposed Revision to By-Laws Item 3

Renaming the Assistant to the President position

Context for change: The Board of Directors approves of renaming the "Assistant to the President" position to "Vice President," to better reflect the activities of that position.

Recommended addition to By-laws: All four instances of the term "Assistant to the President" in the Bylaws shall be replaced with "Vice President." Specifically, these instances are in Article 2, Section 2, second paragraph (two instances), Article 2, section 3, and Article 3, Section 1. Similarly, all three instances of the term "Assistant to the (current) President" shall be replaced with "Vice President of the (current) President." These instances appear in Article 4, Section 2, Article 4, Section 3, second paragraph, Article 5, first paragraph. Finally, the phrase "and the three (3) Assistant(s) to the President" in Article 3, Section 2 shall be replaced with "the three (3) Vice Presidents".

Full Detail of Proposed Changes

Please see the following draft document of the proposed constitutional revisions:


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