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Proposal to Create Regional & International Chapters

Creating a new Chapter in the Society for Freshwater Science

A Proposal for Establishing and Implementing Regional and International Chapters: an Approach to Grow and Diversify the SFS Membership

Updated 7 March 2012

The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of the Society for Freshwater Science (SFS) propose to allow members to form regional/international chapters. The formation of chapters will help SFS build a more responsive, diverse, multidisciplinary membership, and to facilitate gatherings of scientists and others at a smaller, regional scale. The SFS 5-year Strategic Plan is to grow the Society in a manner that fosters a global “voice” in addressing water resource issues. The formation of and membership in a Chapter would be optional and developed from a bottom-up, local level process. The potential benefits to both the SFS and the Chapters are numerous as summarized below.

Benefits to the Society

  • SFS develops a larger and more diverse membership;
  • Regional leadership becomes a resource to SFS leadership;
  • SFS increases the potential for membership involvement at different levels;
  • SFS has access to a pool of candidates with experience for future office;
  • SFS gains a source of technical workshops and sessions with regional focus;
  • SFS gains a better appreciation for policy developments and conservation actions within international sectors through chapters, which will provide for a more global voice of the society and consideration of non-North American conservation awards.

Benefits to the Regional/International Chapters

  • Chapters are affiliated with SFS, which provides a technical, administrative, and logistical resource;
  • Chapters foster collaboration and allow for activities at a regional/international level;
  • Chapters provide the option of attending smaller, more focused meetings;
  • Chapters will attract a more multidisciplinary membership (i.e., academic, agency, private sector) regionally;
  • Chapters provide a means for students to attend a local affordable professional meeting, which facilitates networking;
  • Chapters allow for the development of partnerships with more local/regional groups (e.g., riverkeepers, state DEP or DNR, small colleges).
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