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Announcement of SFS Endorsement of the March For Science

By Emily S. Bernhardt, SFS President and Colden Baxter, SFS President Elect

February 2017

On behalf of the Society for Freshwater Science, we are formally announcing our endorsement of the March for Science, planned for April 22nd in Washington, D.C.

There are many reasons that have been advanced for activism in support of science and each of you likely have a slightly different hierarchy of concerns. For those SFSers that march, SFS will be preparing a series of short statements (suitable for signs, buttons, t-shirts) that call particular attention to recent efforts to roll back environmental protections for U.S. freshwaters (WOTUS and the stream protection rule) that are in clear disregard of the best available science. We would appreciate your creative suggestions for pithy, eye catching and reasonable statements. Please email Colden and I directly or tweet your idea to #SFSMarchForScience.

We hope many SFS members will choose to participate in the March for Science, either on the Washington mall or at many of the satellite marches planned across the planet. If you would like to coordinate with your fellow freshwater scientists, we encourage SFS members that are attending marches to use this coordination document to organize. We will be sharing march meetup details via the SFS website, SFS Facebook page and SFS twitter handles.

We also encourage SFS members to continue and expand upon doing what many of you already do so well - get out into public spaces and share your love of freshwater science with kids, with community groups and with policy makers. Please share your stories about your engagement activities broadly to provide examples and encouragement for others to follow. We're collecting those ideas and stories at http://www.getoutthescience.org/ and SFS would like to encourage members to #GetOutTheScience during the week of science sharing following the March For Science (April 24-30).

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