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Posted: 9/07/2010
Expiration Date: 9/07/2020

Dear Members of the North American Benthological Society,

Thanks to all of you who participated in various discussions about re-evaluating the name of North American Benthological Society and the Journal of the North American Benthological Society during the 2010 Annual Meeting in Santa Fe. Also, thanks to those who have taken the time to log on and share their thoughts on the NABS Web Forum. Please check out the new NABS web page for links to ongoing discussion, information, and summaries: https://www.benthos.org/Society-Business/Revisiting-NABS-Name.aspx.

About 200 members attended the NABS Town Hall Meeting in Santa Fe about name change. We heard that some of you who attended the Town Hall were disappointed that time was not provided to share ideas and perhaps debate the name change issue. However, time was a limiting factor - even 3 minutes per person would have taken many hours. Instead, to develop a richer understanding of the breadth of our societies' activities, a list of key terms and phrases that describe the essence of our Society and its work was assembled.

A summary of the key terms that members proposed during that meeting are posted online. We have also summarized the 100 written responses to the Questionnaire that was distributed in Santa Fe and posted them. We hope that you will continue to share your thoughts and suggestions in the online NABS Web Forum. Please visit the new web page to see these summaries and to contribute to the Web Forum: https://www.benthos.org/Society-Business/Revisiting-NABS-Name.aspx.

As a reminder, the background and reasons for re-evaluating the name of our Society and Journal stem from the recommendations made in the 2009 NABS strategic plan and the J-NABS White Paper (online through the link above). Leaders for both our Society and the Journal have independently identified that having the right name is one of the most important factors for the long-term growth and success of both the Society and the Journal. Names need to be clear, concise, understandable to individuals with whom we interact, and most importantly, should reflect who we are and what we do both now and in the future.

It is possible that the name -North American Benthological Society and the title - Journal of the North American Benthological Society are sufficient. However, the NABS Strategic Plan and JNABS White Paper recommend that they be re-evaluated because they may not be helping us meet our goals. The re-evaluation process was initiated at the Annual Meeting in Santa Fe, June 2010. Future steps include ranking the key words and phrases describing our mission and work and then translating them into a short list of names for both the Society and Journal. We have already received suggestions of names from many of you that can that will serve as a great starting point.

A timeline for discussions, feedback, and next steps in this overall process is:

Ongoing: Discussions on Web Forum

• September 2010: A survey to rank suggested terms or strings will be sent out to the membership and to external partners, as recommended in Strategic Plan. Results of the survey will be shared with membership.

• Winter 2010-11: As part of Annual Society election, members will be asked to rank 2-3 Society names and 2-3 Journal titles that incorporate the preferred key terms. Titles will be reviewed to avoid redundancy with existing Societies and journals.

• Spring 2011: A motion proposing the preferred Society name and Journal title will be introduced to the general membership at least one month in advance of the 2011 Annual Meeting for voting on at the 2011 Business Meeting in Providence.

Thank you for your interest and involvement in this process!

NABS Name Committee
Bernard Sweeney
Joe Holomuzki
John Kominoski
Len Smock
Lucinda Johnson
Nancy Tuckman
Pam Silver
Patina Mendez
Randy Fuller
Sherri Johnson (Chair)
Stephen Francoeur


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