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PhD Position: Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in riparian-stream networks

Graduate Student and Postdoc Positions
Posted: 8/15/2017
Expiration Date: 9/28/2017

We are seeking a PhD student to work in environmental assessment with a strong background in stream ecology and/or limnology. The PhD thesis is part of a European BiodivERsA project “CROSSLINK: Understanding cross-habitat linkages between blue and green infrastructure to optimize management of biodiversity, ecosystem services and multiple human uses” (http://www.slu.se/Biodiversa_Crosslink). This research team is interested in understanding how land use effects the biodiversity and functioning of streams and riparian habitats, with special focus on the role of riparian buffer strips in maintaining cross-habitat linkages from aquatic to terrestrial systems, and outcomes for biodiversity and ecosystem functioning at both local and larger (stream network) scales. Field and laboratory experiments will be used to study trophic-transfer pathways between streams and adjacent riparian habitats, the mechanisms underlying subsidy effects on terrestrial biodiversity and functioning and how riparian buffer strips mitigate land use effects on cross-ecosystem connectivity. Modelling will be used assess land-use impacts on biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and services of stream-riparian networks and the value.


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