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Stream invertebrates (general)

Name Region Comment
G. Burton World Research deals with use of both surrogate and resident organisms to assess water and sediment quality, optimizing measurement endpoints, indices, and assessment methods (lab and in situ exposures).
Yong CaoWorld
Jerry FreilichWorldI am broad generalist interested in conservation biology of reserves and protected areas. I am interested in aquatic indicators of biological integrity. Also, theoretical aspects of dam removal.
Ronald GriffithsWorldI have been identifying benthic macroinvertebrates (arthropods, molluscs, annelids) for over 25 years. Taxonomic expertise concentrated in Great Lakes basin of North America, East Africa, British Columbia, Southeast Asia and New Zealand. Particularly interested in Baetid mayflies.
Seth ReiceWorldI specialize in benthic macroinvertebrate biodivesity, mainly in North Carlina, but also in Israel, Canada and Brazil.
Ole SaetherWorld
Garry ScrimgeourWorld
Kazumi TanidaWorld
Brad TaylorWorld
Mark VinsonWorld
Bill WolfeWorldaquatic Coleoptera, especially Hydradephaga
Maurizio BattegazzoreWestern EuropeAlso in general organisms used for running water quality evaluation
Thibault DoixWestern Europe
Fritz KohmannWestern Europe
Susanne SchmidtWestern Europe
USA (Western)
USA (Western)
USA (Western)
Koen BreedveldUSA (Western)
Robert DuBeyUSA (Western)
David FeldmanUSA (Western)
Erika GalloUSA (Western)
William GerthUSA (Western)
David GibsonUSA (Western)
Eric HargettUSA (Western)
Walter JohnstonUSA (Western)Proficient in identifying EPT specimens to genus.
Sarah JudsonUSA (Western)
David KeslerUSA (Western)Western Montana streams
Kristie KloseUSA (Western)
Daniel MosleyUSA (Western)
Kristina NeptunUSA (Western)Volunteer monitoring
Richard RockwellUSA (Western)In contexts of trophic function, lotic ecology, and anthropogenic disturbance and related reclamation of threatened salmonid fisheries. Particular interest in anadromous fisheries. Contract taxonomist for your project's benthic samples from Rocky Mountain, Great Basin, and Pacific Coast states. (Click name for details.)
David StaglianoUSA (Western)
USA (Southeast)
USA (Southeast)Most experience with Chironomidae taxonomy.
USA (Southeast)EPT larvae
USA (Southeast)Particular experience with larval species ID of EPTO taxa in TN & Cumberland River systems. Dipteran taxonomic skills limited mostly to family level. Also familiar with mussel taxonomy in TN/OH basin.
USA (Southeast)
USA (Southeast)
USA (Southeast)Effects nonpoint source pollution as from agriculture and energy development on stream macroinvertebrate communities; bioassessment.
Mohammed Al-SaffarUSA (Southeast)
Debbie ArnwineUSA (Southeast)
Steven BeatyUSA (Southeast)
Keith BowlinUSA (Southeast)
Chris BurcherUSA (Southeast)
Charles CovellUSA (Southeast)Fauna of KY, esp. Culicidae
William CrouchUSA (Southeast)Aquatic insects, oligochaeta, freshwater mussels
Lawrence EatonUSA (Southeast)
Damon ElyUSA (Southeast)Southern Appalachian headwater streams
William EnglishUSA (Southeast)
Erin FeichtnerUSA (Southeast)Collect and identify aquatic macroinvertebrates in a Metro Atlanta county.
Steven HamiltonUSA (Southeast)For the past 15 years I have been involved in biomonitoring in north-central Tennessee and the surrounding region.
Audrey HarrisonUSA (Southeast)
Kathy HerringUSA (Southeast)
Victor HollandUSA (Southeast)EPT Chironomidae
Misty HuddlestonUSA (Southeast)
Robert JohnsonUSA (Southeast)
John KominoskiUSA (Southeast)
David LenatUSA (Southeast)
Laura LineUSA (Southeast)
Tony MillerUSA (Southeast)
Kevin MorseUSA (Southeast)
Michael PaulUSA (Southeast)
Aric PayneUSA (Southeast)I have been collecting and identifying aquatic macroinvertebrates in Kentucky for almost a year as a full time job with the Kentucky Division of Water. I also have a Taxonomic Certification from NABS (EPT East).
Greg PhillipsUSA (Southeast)
Jeremy PikeUSA (Southeast)
Blair PrushaUSA (Southeast)
Bradford RobinsonUSA (Southeast)Expertise with most aquatic macroinvertbrate groups, especially Trichoptera
Amy RollinsUSA (Southeast)
Anthony RouxUSA (Southeast)
Sarah RoyUSA (Southeast)Florida SCI and Biorecon, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana collection and Identification
Allison RoyUSA (Southeast)
Guenter SchusterUSA (Southeast)I work with Trichoptera, crayfishes and freshwater mussels
Stephen SefickUSA (Southeast)
Brent StaffordUSA (Southeast)
Hannah StoutUSA (Southeast)SFS-certified for Aquatic Arthropod Genera of Eastern North America
Michael StoweUSA (Southeast)
Douglas StromUSA (Southeast)I have worked with macroinvertebrates in the Southeast for over 20 years. I have identified all freshwater groups, and prepared and authored many reports, including peer-reviewed scientific articles.
Adam SukenickUSA (Southeast)
Theresa ThomUSA (Southeast)
Joshua TompkinsUSA (Southeast)
Douglas WymerUSA (Southeast)
Mohammed Al-SaffarUSA (Northeast)
Jody BarbeauUSA (Northeast)
William CrouchUSA (Northeast)Aquatic Insects Species ID (immatures), including Chironomidae (larvae only)
Sara da SilvaUSA (Northeast)Four years doing taxonomic ID in RI.
Jeremy DeedsUSA (Northeast)
Kristoffer DrambyUSA (Northeast)
Alan EverettUSA (Northeast)general knowledge of stream invertebrates in Southeastern Pennsylvania Piedmont
Alan GrahamUSA (Northeast)
Jason HamidiUSA (Northeast)
Guy HoffmanUSA (Northeast)
Richard JacobsenUSA (Northeast)
Kurt JirkaUSA (Northeast)
Jonathan KennenUSA (Northeast)
Robert LimbeckUSA (Northeast)
Marisa LoganUSA (Northeast)SFS certified in Eastern EPT
James McGonigleUSA (Northeast)
Rhonda MendelUSA (Northeast)Proficient in the idenfication of freshwater macroinvertebrates to genus/species - especially interested in larval chironomids - NABS certified in Eastern Chironomids and Eastern EPT
George MerovichUSA (Northeast)
Tiffany MooreUSA (Northeast)
Ethan NedeauUSA (Northeast)Freshwater macroinvertebrates from streams, lakes, vernal pools. Species IDs when good keys exist.
J NolanUSA (Northeast)NABS TCE Level 2 Group 2 and 3 East (EPT and Chironomidae) certified taxonomist.
Robert NuzzoUSA (Northeast)familiar with many aquatic macroinvertebrate taxa from wadable, fast-flowing streams in Massachusetts
Matthew OpdykeUSA (Northeast)
Leland PollockUSA (Northeast)
Erinn RichmondUSA (Northeast)
Frank RinkevichUSA (Northeast)I am capable of identifying nearly every stream insect to genus using Merritt and Cummings 3rd Edition.
John RyderUSA (Northeast)
Annette SchlossUSA (Northeast)I study the diel behaviors of stream insects, especially in regards to light cues and interactions with predators.
Robert SchottUSA (Northeast)
Hannah StoutUSA (Northeast)SFS-certified for Aquatic Arthropod Genera of Eastern North America
Robert VentoriniUSA (Northeast)Moderate taxonomic expertise of Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, Trichoptera, Diptera, Megaloptera, and Coleoptera genera.
Gerald WatsonUSA (Northeast)Primary expertise: Aquatic Insect Taxonomy With a general concentration on the Northeastern U.S.
Melvin ZimmermanUSA (Northeast)in particular Ephemeroptera ( Hexagenia)
USA (Central)"I hesitate to say ""expertise"" in stream invertebrates, but I've managed several successful volunteer monitoring projects, especially where I've partnered with benthic macroinvertebrate experts. "
Ken BazataUSA (Central)
Brandy BergtholdUSA (Central)
Greg BrightUSA (Central)Indiana
Andre DeLormeUSA (Central)Identification of macroinvertebrates from the rivers and streams of North Dakota
William FisherUSA (Central)
Michael FlinnUSA (Central)
B. GreenUSA (Central)
Dean HansenUSA (Central)
Keith MichalskiUSA (Central)Strong knowledge of stream macroinvertebrate species of the central USA. EPT/Chironomidae
Raymond NewmanUSA (Central)Only general expertise. Particular interest in aquatic weevils (Curculionidae)
Kevin OlsonUSA (Central)
David PendergrassUSA (Central)Texas stream invertebrates
Mateo ScogginsUSA (Central)"Stream ecology w/concentration on urban streams and hydrological interactions.
Michael ShuprytUSA (Central)
Elizabeth SmithUSA (Central)
Bryan SowardsUSA (Central)
James StahlUSA (Central)
Jeffrey StevenUSA (Central)"research biologist - wastewater treatment plant
Paradzayi TagwireyiUSA (Central)
Carl WakefieldUSA (Central)
South America
Juan González TrujilloSouth America
Neusa HamadaSouth AmericaSimuliidae (Diptera)
Maria Júlia Martins SilvaSouth Americamainly Mollusca and aquatic insect larvae
Ana Moreyra SalcedoSouth America
Henrique PaprockiSouth America
Blanca Rios-ToumaSouth AmericaBiomonitoring of ecological conditions of High altitude Andean Streams.
Blanca Rios-ToumaSouth AmericaMicrodistribution of stream invertebrates under different hydrological conditions
Adriano Sanches MeloSouth America"Brazil
M. BenbowOceania
Sarah DouglassOceaniaFamily level identification & AUSRIVAS collection
Christopher MaddenOceania
Erinn RichmondOceaniaSouth Eastern Australia
John StarkOceania
Michael WinterbournOceaniaI have authored the principal guide used to identify aquatic insects in New Zealand. I also have expertise in identifying freshwater Mollusca of NZ and to an extent the lotic Crustacea.
North America
North America
North America
North AmericaCurrent NABS Certification for Genus-level, Eastern EPT's
North America
North AmericaI have been certified as a taxonomist throgh the NABS certification program as of Sept. 2006, in the area of Eastern Taxa.
North AmericaHave identified specimens to genus and/or species from a variety of locations, mostly concentrated in eastern North America, but including other regions.
North AmericaCertified: Level 2 Group 2 Eastern EPT 7 years of experience in identification of eastern and western macroinvertebrate taxa in all major groups.
Kevin AlexanderNorth America
Evan AndersonNorth America
Janel BanksNorth America
Becky BlasiusNorth America
Angela BobeldykNorth America
Ethan BrightNorth AmericaChironomidae; also Odonata, Plecoptera, and Trichoptera
Aimee BuddNorth America
Alan ChristianNorth America
Grant De JongNorth Americaaquatic ID experience goes back to 1993; particular expertise throughout Rocky Mountains, and Pacific Coast from Alaska to Panama; interest in southeast U.S. and New England; also considerable expertise (since 1990)in many terrestrial groups
Alice DossettNorth America
Richard DoucettNorth America
Walter DuffyNorth America
Sally EntrekinNorth Americasoutheast and central
Michael FloydNorth AmericaI have approx. 20 years of experience with taxonomy of general stream invertebrates in eastern North America, but my specialty is Trichoptera, both larvae and adults.
Angelina FowlerNorth America
Steve FreelingNorth America
Ken FritzNorth Americajack of all invertebrate groups
Scott GrotheerNorth America
Ana Paula HoeinghausNorth America
C Evan HornigNorth Americaprimarily aquatic life stages
Thomas HorvathNorth America
Donna KashianNorth America
Tom KennedyNorth America
Grace KilbaneNorth AmericaEastern and Western EPT, General Invertebrates (excluding Chironomidae and Oligochaeta).
David KleinNorth AmericaI am interested in invertebrate identification and how they are affected my pollutants
Thomas La PointNorth America
William LaVoieNorth America
Craig LoganNorth AmericaI deal with both lake and stream invertebrates occuring throughout Canada and the Northern United States.
Kevin LundeNorth America
Stuart LyndeNorth America"ES&C is a certified HUBZone small business providing taxonomic expertise and analytical support to public and private sector clients nationwide."
Brett MarshallNorth America
Stephen McMurrayNorth America
Ashley MoerkeNorth America
Richard NevesNorth Americafreshwater mussels
Dwight OsmonNorth America
Carlos PinkhamNorth AmericaNot an expert at all, but interested in taxa found in northern temperate deciduous and boreal streams of N America
Kristopher PitcherNorth America
Brandi SangunettNorth America
Gerald ShepardNorth America
Geoffrey SmithNorth AmericaPresently working on the stream ecology of Indian River, Sitka, Baranof Island, Southeast Alaska.
Ben StoutNorth AmericaMy taxonomic expertise includes general aquatic insect taxonomy of all aquatic orders.
Sean SullivanNorth AmericaExperience in genus and species level ID for all non-chironomidae invertebrates. Interests include community ecology in response to anthropogenticlly altered habitat. Additional interest in metals contaminated (AMD) streams.
John ThieleNorth America
Lusha TronstadNorth AmericaI can identify aquatic invertebrates, including larval and adult chironomids.
Nancy TuchmanNorth AmericaI study global change impacts on multiple trophic levels including the microorganisms, algae, and macroinvertebrates.
Charles WatsonNorth America
Jeffrey WebbNorth America
Matt WhilesNorth America
Mark WipfliNorth America"Food webs
Lynne WittyNorth AmericaOver 20 plus years, I have gained training and experience identifying Canadian stream macroinvertebrates to the family/genus level.
Daelyn WoolnuoghNorth America
Mohammed Al-SaffarMiddle East
Nilgun KazanciMiddle East
Javier Alba-TercedorEurope
Peter BurgherrEurope
Cécile CapderreyEurope
Michael MonaghanEuropeAlpine Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, Trichoptera
Natasa MoriEurope
Martin NealeEuropeNatural History Museum (London)indentification qualifications passed at family and species level.
Jesus OrtizEurope
Blanca Rios-ToumaEuropeBiomonitoring of ecological status of mediterranean rivers in Catalonia, Spain.
Gabriel SingerEurope
Bjorn SvenssonEuropeparticularly Ephemeroptera, Chironomidae, Tipulidae, Heteroptera
Klement TocknerEurope
Kari-Matti VuoriEurope
Andre BachteramCanada (West)
Thibault DoixCanada (West)
Renata KolodziejczykCanada (West)community ecology
Henry KomadowskiCanada (West)Education & Conservation
Mark LeRuezCanada (West)
ZoAnn MortenCanada (West)
Iain PhillipsCanada (West)I focuss on all benthic macroinvertebrates in Sasaktchewan, with particular interest in the mussels, stoneflies, beetles and midges.
John RichardsonCanada (West)"Community ecology; food web experiments; riparian management; detritivores; headwater streams; organic matter dynamics; forestry; biomonitoring; stream restoration
Nancy SerediakCanada (West)
Giuseppina ViolaCanada (West)
Ryan ScottCanada (North)
Canada (East)
Caroline AndersonCanada (East)
M. ColboCanada (East)"This refers to Newfoundland and Labrador
Allen CurryCanada (East)BMI Taxonomy Lab, Canadian Rivers Institute. Certified Taxonomist - Kristie Heard (kheard@unb.ca) offering a variety of collection, sorting, and analytical services (www.unb.ca/cri)
Carole-Anne GillisCanada (East)Family level identification
Shalom MandavilleCanada (East)
Julie SchulenburgCanada (East)
Ryan ScottCanada (East)
Eric AugustinoCanada (Central)
Paul SibleyCanada (Central)
Ai FujinagaAsia
Hiromune MitsuhashiAsiacaddisfly
Chitchol PhalarakshAsiaAquatic Insects: Ephemeroptera, Trichoptera, Plecoptera, etc.
Lau PongAsia
Yasuhiro TakemonAsiaParticularly of Ephemeroptera
Zhicai XieAsiaOligochaeta, macroinvertebrates,ecology
Alex Chee Yu YeungAsia
ArcticAlaskan macroinvertebrates. Both arctic and subarctic.
Sylvester OgboguAfricaMost of tne invertebrate fauna in freshwater systems in Nigeria have not been described. alot need to be done in this direction. We are just doing the best we can with very limited resources.
Denise SchaelAfricaSouthern African macroinvertebrates, most groups to genus level, several to species level.

Lake invertebrates (general)

Landis HareWorld
Ole SaetherWorld
Western Europe
Laura LineUSA (Southeast)
Robert RutterUSA (Southeast)Florida
USA (Northeast)
Maria Aliberti LubertazziUSA (Northeast)Particularly ode nymphs, culicid & chaoborid larvae
George MerovichUSA (Northeast)
Gerald ShepardUSA (Northeast)
Amy GronkeUSA (Central)
Adriano Ferreira Da SilvaSouth AmericaI am not an expert in taxonomy of aquatic invertebrates, but as a tropical benthologist, I have acquired some skills to identify a significant diversity of benthic invertebrates (mostly aquatic insects).
North America
Evan AndersonNorth America
Thomas HorvathNorth America
Kenneth KriegerNorth AmericaPrimary expertise in Lake Erie drainage
William LaVoieNorth America
Stuart LyndeNorth America"ES&C is a certified HUBZone small business providing taxonomic expertise and analytical support to public and private sector clients nationwide."
Dwight OsmonNorth America
Kristopher PitcherNorth America
Moriya RuferNorth AmericaBenthic macroinvertebrates, especially Chironomidae.
Charles WatsonNorth America
Lars PetersEuropeEpilithic meiofauna communities with focus on nematodes
M. ColboCanada (East)This refers to Newfoundland and Labrador
Shalom MandavilleCanada (East)
Sylvain TheriaultCanada (East)
Paul SibleyCanada (Central)


Javier Alba-TercedorWorld
Ronald GriffithsWorld
Luke JacobusWorldEphemerellidae
Barton RichardWorld
Jeffrey WebbWorld
Thibault DoixWestern Europe
USA (Southeast)Extensive experience identifying primarily larvae to genus and/or species (where possible).
David LenatUSA (Southeast)
Hannah StoutUSA (Southeast)Primary expertise: Ephemera guttulata (Ephemeridae). SFS-certified for EPT Genera of Eastern North America
Hannah StoutUSA (Northeast)Primary expertise: Ephemera guttulata (Ephemeridae). SFS-certified for EPT Genera of Eastern North America
Edward DeWaltUSA (Central)Can identify nymphs and adults in the Midwest region.
Manuel PescadorSouth AmericaSystematics
Steven BeatyNorth America
Steven BurianNorth America"Taxonomic expertise with both larvae and
Ely KosnickiNorth AmericaI started my benthological career studying mayfly life histories, and I am always looking for opportunities to pursue these types of studies.
Manuel PescadorNorth AmericaSystematics
Ryan ScottNorth America
Mohammed Al-SaffarMiddle EastI am interested in EPOT (Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, Odonata, and Trichoptera). For more infor, please visit my LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/pub/mohammed-a-al-saffar/70/66a/866/
Mario BraunsEurope
Maria-Angeles PuigEurope
Gabriel SingerEurope
David BaumgardnerCentral America
Thibault DoixCanada (West)
Sylvain TheriaultCanada (East)collection,preservation and identification
Yeon Jae BaeAsiaEphemeroptera systematics; burrowing mayflies; Northeast Asia; tropical Southeast Asia; general aquatic insects taxonomy and ecology; stream ecology; conservation biology


C. Riley NelsonWorldI work especially with Capniidae.
Brad TaylorWorld
Sarah JudsonUSA (Western)
USA (Southeast)Extensive experience identifying primarily larvae to genus and/or species.
Hannah StoutUSA (Southeast)SFS-certified for EPT Genera of Eastern North America
Jane EarleUSA (Northeast)Updating PA stonefly species distribution list, studying pollution tolerance & habitat preferences.
Thomas ProchUSA (Northeast)
Hannah StoutUSA (Northeast)SFS-certified for EPT Genera of Eastern North America
Rachel HethUSA (Central)
Claudio FroehlichSouth AmericaBrazilian Plecoptera
Steven BeatyNorth America
Edward DeWaltNorth AmericaResearch includes stonefly, taxonomy, life history, distribution. Currently using museum specimen data to track temporal and spatial changes in stonefly assemblage of Illinois and Midwest. Use mayfly, stonefly, caddisfly (EPT) assemblage as indicator of stream condition at randomly chosen sites in Illinois. Studying the distribution of EPT species in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
Scott GrubbsNorth America
Kate MacnealeNorth America
Barry PoultonNorth AmericaResearch includes biogeography, ecology, life history, taxonomy, community structure, and pollution tolerances of Plecoptera as related to applied studies such as bioassessments, evaluation of natural resource damages, food habit studies, and effects of anthropogenic disturbances
Ryan ScottNorth America
Mohammed Al-SaffarMiddle East
Maria-Angeles PuigEurope
Pablo Gutierrez-FonsecaCentral America
Thibault DoixCanada (West)
Sarah JudsonAsia
Takao ShimizuAsia


Kenneth TennessenWorldIdentification of New World Odonata, both adults and larvae; preparing a book on Anisoptera larvae of North America; preparing keys for South American families and genera; describing new species from Neotropics.
Thibault DoixWestern Europe
Karen GainesUSA (Western)Interested in larval ecology; exuviae collection
Johnny RichardsonUSA (Southeast)Larval Odonata
Erika YatesUSA (Southeast)
Sean DunlapUSA (Northeast)
Lynnette SaundersUSA (Northeast)expertise in larval odonate identification
Donald HugginsNorth America
Kristopher PitcherNorth America
Thomas SchultzNorth America
Mohammed Al-SaffarMiddle East
Central AmericaEmphasis on nymphs.
Thibault DoixCanada (West)


Matthew CoverUSA (Western)Corydalidae




Brian ArmitageWorld"Primary interest: Adults of the Goeridae, Rhyacophilidae, and Limnephilidae.
Ralph HolzenthalWorld
John MorseWorldsystematics, biogeography
Aysha PratherWorldparticular expertise in: North American Rhyacophilidae, New World Calamoceratidae and Odontoceridae
Desiree RobertsonWorldSystematics of Protoptilinae (Glossosomatidae)
Christopher SchneiderUSA (Western)Comments
USA (Southeast)Extensive experience identifying primarily larvae to genus and/or species.
Mike BeiserUSA (Southeast)
Steven HamiltonUSA (Southeast)I have specialized in the Polycentropodidae and have considerable experience in Neotropical Polycentropus
David LenatUSA (Southeast)
Hannah StoutUSA (Southeast)SFS-certified for EPT Genera of Eastern North America
Hannah StoutUSA (Northeast)SFS-certified for EPT Genera of Eastern North America
Edward DeWaltUSA (Central)Can identify larvae, pupae, and adults in the Midwest and Southeast region.
Ralph HolzenthalSouth America
Henrique PaprockiSouth America
Ian HendersonOceania
North America
North America
Steven BeatyNorth America
Ralph HolzenthalNorth America
Stephen MoultonNorth America
Charles ParkerNorth America
Dave RuiterNorth America
Ryan ScottNorth America
Matt WhilesNorth Americalarvae
Mohammed Al-SaffarMiddle East
Mario BraunsEurope
Gisli GislasonEurope"Other groups:
Gabriel SingerEurope
Kari-Matti VuoriEurope
Ildiko SzivakEastern Europe
Ralph HolzenthalCentral America
Henrique PaprockiCentral America
Thibault DoixCanada (West)


Leonard FerringtonWorld
Ronald GriffithsWorld
Ole SaetherWorld
Martin SpiesWorldesp. the Americas, West Palaearctic, Africa
Brian CreutzburgUSA (Western)Chironomid taxonomy, bioassessment, numerical taxonomy, deformities, and adaptive radiation
USA (Southeast)Extensive experience identifying specimens to genus and sometimes species.
Richard JacobsenUSA (Southeast)"After 19 years, I can discriminate ""red midges"" from ""green midges"""
David LenatUSA (Southeast)
Jeremy PikeUSA (Southeast)NABS (SFS) Certified
Douglas StromUSA (Southeast)I have had a professional involvement with and strong interest in Chironomidae identification for over twenty years.
Marisa LoganUSA (Northeast)SFS certified in Eastern Chironomidae
Arjun KafleUSA (Central)I have identified Chironomidae larvae frm 31 wadeable streams of Eastern South Dakota. Moreover, I have identified other macroinvertebrates from these streams.
Kathia SonodaSouth AmericaBrazilian species of Chironomidae
Christopher MaddenOceaniaAustralia. Published guide to genera 2009.
North America
North AmericaAdults of Diamesa
Steven BeatyNorth America
Ethan BrightNorth America
Kurt KingNorth America
Ely KosnickiNorth AmericaI have worked and studied from coast to coast in the USA and I have had opportunities to discuss specimens with experts. I have also authored and coauthored a couple range extension papers.
Brian KrestianNorth America
Gary LesterNorth AmericaI am available to work on larval and pupal Chironomidae for N. America.
William MasonNorth AmericaAuthor of the first largely pictorial guide to the identification of NA chironomid larvae (1968 FWQA, USDI; rev. 1969, FWPCA; USEPA 1973; Ecology Support, Inc. 1998, 5th Printing 2000).
Armin NamayandehNorth America
Steven ReynoldsNorth America
Alexander SmithNorth America
Charles WatsonNorth America
Mohammed Al-SaffarMiddle East
Xavier-Francois GarciaEuropeStream and lake invertebrates (general) too.
Narcis PratEuropeSome experience in south america
Karel BrabecEastern Europe
Petra KranzfelderCentral America
Ryan ScottCanada (North)

Diptera (Others)

Jon GelhausWorldcrane flies, Tipuloidea: Tipulidae, Limoniidae, Pediciidae, Cylindrotomidae
Kristopher PitcherWorldSpecifically Culicidae
Ole SaetherWorld
James HogueUSA (Western)"Current focus on Tipulidae;
Doug CraigOceania"Simuliidae, other lower Diptera, evolution, morphology, head development.
Christopher MaddenOceaniaAustralia
Joe KeiperNorth AmericaTaxonomy of higher Diptera, particularly acalyptrates; taxonomy of adult and larval Hydroptilidae (Trichoptera).
James MooreNorth AmericaCulicidae


Sam Testa IIIWorld"Hydrophilidae adults
Margherita GioriaWestern EuropeAquatic Coleoptera, adults Wetland Plants
Steven BeatyUSA (Southeast)
John EplerUSA (Southeast)"My expertise is mainly with the water beetle fauna of Florida
USA (Northeast)Gyrinidae: Dineutus
Kristopher PitcherNorth AmericaSpecifically Dytiscidae
Charles StainesNorth America
Mario BraunsEurope


N. GianiWorld
Ronald GriffithsWorld
Adrian PinderWorld
Mark WetzelWorld"Taxonomy, systematics, distribution, and ecology of freshwater, marine, estuarine, and terrestrial Annelida (oligochaetous Clitellata, Hirudinida, Aeolosomatida, Branchiobdellida, and freshwater Polychaeta).
Robert DuBeyUSA (Western)Morphological identification and genetic classification of tubificidae.
Mercedes MarcheseSouth AmericaI am specialist on freshwater oligochaeta
Brian KrestianNorth America
Kenneth KriegerNorth AmericaNaididae and Tubificidae of Lake Erie
Trefor ReynoldsonNorth America
Pilar RodriguezEuropealso North America and other regions of the world


USA (Southeast)
Raynie BambargerUSA (Southeast)Unionid Mussels
Braven BeatyUSA (Southeast)Proficient with mussels of upper Tennessee Basin, some knowledge of Atlantic slope mussels.
Michael GangloffUSA (Southeast)Specialization in Mobile and Gulf Coastal (ACF, Escambia, Yellow) Unionidae.
Eugene KeferlUSA (Southeast)
David KeslerUSA (Southeast)Unionidae only
Sarah KopplinUSA (Southeast)Unionids (Souhteastern Michigan & North Carolina)
Brett OstbyUSA (Southeast)
Brian WatsonUSA (Southeast)Over 12 years experience with TN River basin and Atlantic slope freshwater mussels in Virginia and North Carolina. Also proficient with freshwater gastropods in same area.
Kurt JirkaUSA (Northeast)Primarily Unionidae
Thomas ProchUSA (Northeast)
Marian HavlikUSA (Central)"Studied unionoid mollusks of the Upper
Max HenschenUSA (Central)Unionidae
John JenkinsonUSA (Central)over 25 years experience with native mussels in the Tennessee River basin
Stephen McMurrayUSA (Central)freshwater mussels, terrestrial and aquatic snails
Bryan SowardsUSA (Central)
South America
Juan BlancoSouth AmericaDiadromous gastropods at Panamian and Caribbean Provinces.
Blanca Rios-ToumaSouth AmericaAquatic Gastropoda
North America
Randall BernotNorth America
Robert ButlerNorth AmericaPrimarily mussels, secondarily aquatic gastropods; particularly imperiled species
Robert DillonNorth America"Coordinating the Freshwater Gastropods of North America Project. See:
Mark GordonNorth AmericaSystematics and ecology of primarily freshwater mollusks, both Bivalvia and Gastropoda, of North America with secondary interest in terrestrial gastropods, molluscan taxa from other continents, and freshwater Crustacea
Michael HoggarthNorth AmericaEcology, Systematics and Life History of Freshwater Molluscs: Bivalvia and Gastropoda
Thomas HorvathNorth America
Chuck HowardNorth AmericaI'm most familiar with freshwater mussels of the family Unionidae. Most of my experience is in the upper Mississippi and Ohio River drainages, with addtional experience in the Mobil River drainage of Alabama and some northern Atlantic Slope drainages.
Teresa NewtonNorth America
Andrew TurnerNorth America
Carl WayNorth Americasphaeriid clams
Rebecca WinterringerNorth America
Daelyn WoolnuoghNorth America
Pedro ArdissonMexico
Robert BaileyCanada (Central)
Daryl McGoldrickCanada (Central)
David ZanattaCanada (Central)Ontario unionid spp.
Alex Chee Yu YeungAsia


Larry SpencerUSA (Western)Gammarus lacustris
Robert ButlerUSA (Southeast)Crayfish; particularly imperiled species
Raymond KesslerUSA (Southeast)
Alberto MimoUSA (Northeast)I also work with marine crustaceans
North AmericaCambaridae
James FetznerNorth Americafreshwater crayfish
Brenda HannNorth America"
Thomas HorvathNorth AmericaHarpacticoida
Troy KellerNorth AmericaCrayfishes
David LiebNorth America
Lynne WittyNorth AmericaSpecialized in computerized biomass and density assessments of Canadian freshwater crustacean zooplankton, to the species level, with 13 years experience.
Natasa MoriEuropegroundwater and freshwater living Ostracoda
Paul SibleyCanada (North)


Thomas HorvathNorth America
Lars PetersEuropeSince meiofauna organisms in periphyton communities in lakes have greatly been neglected, I focus on these communities with main emphasis on nematodes.


John KingstonWorlddiatoms and freshwater algae of lakes, streams, wetlands
Andrea KirkwoodWorldHave broad expertise in algae from freshwater, hypersaline and wastewater systems.
Aga PinowskaWorld
Marina PotapovaWorldfreshwater and brackishwater diatoms
R. StevensonWorldI am particularly familiar with diatom taxonomy and ecology.
Rolf VinebrookeWorldMy lab's phycological expertise involves mainly algae in relative extreme environments (e.g., alpine, acidified boreal, polar) with a particular emphasis on periphytic species.
Maurizio BattegazzoreWestern EuropeDiatom communities
USA (Western)Diatom taxonomy.
Clinton DavisUSA (Western)
Nadia GillettUSA (Western)
Rosalina HristovaUSA (Western)Diatoms and other algal groups
Amy MarcarelliUSA (Western)
Scott RollinsUSA (Western)
Sarah RushforthUSA (Western)
David BurgeUSA (Southeast)Diatoms of freshwater cypress-tupelo swamps of the Cache River Watershed, Arkansas
Lucie NovoveskaUSA (Southeast)
Guy HoffmanUSA (Northeast)
Julia EichmanUSA (Central)
Amy GronkeUSA (Central)I am interested in algae, but am not an expert by any means!!!!!!
John KominoskiUSA (Central)
Barbara Scudder EikenberryUSA (Central)
James StahlUSA (Central)
Julie WolinUSA (Central)Expertise in the Great Lakes region
Luis BrancoSouth America"Cyanobacteria
North Americaother interests: science education and educational technology
Nina DesiantiNorth AmericaDiatom identification to species level.
Richard DuffordNorth America
Paula FureyNorth America
Paula FureyNorth AmericaEunotia :)
Julianne HeinleinNorth America
Emily HollingsworthNorth AmericaMy specialty is in diatoms.
David KirschtelNorth America
Gina LaLiberteNorth America
Sylvia LeeNorth Americadiatoms
Kalina ManoylovNorth Americadiatom and algal taxonomic identification
Robin MatthewsNorth America
Yangdong PanNorth AmericaFreshwater algae/periphyton
Euan ReavieNorth America
Jeffrey SimmonsNorth America
Thomas SmithNorth America
Arthur StewartNorth AmericaI can identify a few algae and appreciate and have some understanding of their modes of life, but I am not a taxonomic specialist, for any group.
Marina AboalEuropediatoms, cyanophytes, microcystins
Marina AboalEurope"Benthic algae
Janne SoininenEurope
Gordon GoldsboroughCanada (Central)
Tang TaoAsiaI am interested in river ecology, especially in algae ecology and ecosystem management of running waters.
Carl CappellettiArcticAlgae and Bryophytes


Björn GückerWestern Europe
Ray KepnerNorth America


Colin JacksonWorld
Andrea KirkwoodWorldUse a polyphasic approach including in situ, culturing and molecular techniques to describe and document microbial communities from aquatic systems.
John KominoskiUSA (Southeast)
Timothy GoodeUSA (Central)
Michael LemkeNorth America


Felix BaerlocherWorldaquatic hyphomycetes
Namil ChungWorldAqutic Fungal Ecology and Interaction with Macroinvertebrates
Mark GessnerWorldaquatic hyphomycetes in temperate regions
Vladislav GulisWorldaquatic hyphomycetes
Keller SuberkroppWorld
John KominoskiUSA (Southeast)
Renata KolodziejczykCanada (West)biomass estimates


Paul MarshUSA (Western)
Jeremiah Osborne-GoweyUSA (Western)
Mark WipfliUSA (Western)Spatial subsidies
Chris BurcherUSA (Southeast)
Blair PrushaUSA (Southeast)
Allison RoyUSA (Southeast)
Brent StaffordUSA (Southeast)
Melvin WarrenUSA (Southeast)
Frank BorsukUSA (Northeast)
Jonathan KennenUSA (Northeast)
Marisa LoganUSA (Northeast)Certified Fisheries Professional (AFS)
George MerovichUSA (Northeast)
USA (Central)
USA (Central)
William FisherUSA (Central)Fishes and aquatic invertebrates of the south-central great plains
Chad HargraveUSA (Central)
Christopher HoagstromUSA (Central)Greatest interest in minnows, particularly the genus Notropis
Bryan SowardsUSA (Central)
James StahlUSA (Central)
Matt WootenUSA (Central)Large and Great River Fish (eg, the fishes of the Ohio River)
Brad TaylorSouth America
North America"Ecology of stream salmonids in Northeast & Northcentral US,
North America"My research focuses on understanding how fish habitat relates to the productive capacity of aquatic ecosystems, and in a broader context, ecosystem health. I work in stream ecology and study the effects of human alterations such as water diversions and mining. In my work, I emphasize an understanding of physical and ecological river processes, the habitat template, and the need to approach restoration projects with scientific rigor so that we may learn from our successes and failures.
Robert ButlerNorth AmericaStream fishes, particularly imperiled species
Richard DoucettNorth America
Fran GelwickNorth AmericaStream Ecology, Bioassessment, Aquatic Resources Management
Donald JacksonNorth America
Tom KennedyNorth America
Ashley MoerkeNorth America
Jason SweetNorth AmericaStream Fish
Jason SweetNorth AmericaStream Fish
Daelyn WoolnuoghNorth America
Canada (East)
Richard CunjakCanada (East)
Hans EikaasAsiaNew Zealand, and gaining expertise in Malaysinan Peninsula (Singapore)


George MerovichUSA (Northeast)
Kerry GriffisUSA (Central)
James StahlUSA (Central)
North America
Norman LeonardNorth AmericaI work with temporary pond breeders in the southeast US, riparian salamanders, and (ocassionally) tailed frogs
Matt WhilesNorth America


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Frederic GovedichWorldI work on freshwater leeches (Euhirudinea)
Donna KashianWorldEcotoxicology invasive species
Christopher LaumerWorldI am interested in the taxonomy and phylogeny of the free-living flatworms, especially the so-called "microturbellarian" groups. My particular focus is in the ubiquitous family Prorhynchidae, but I can be easily lured by other taxa as well. A secondary focal group are the freshwater Nemertea, commonly exemplified by the genus Prostoma.
Steve OrmerodWorldGeneral stream and river ecology, mostly Europe and Asia
Heather ProctorWorldAcari: Hydracarina (Hydrachnellae/'water mites'); Oribatida, Astigmata, Mesostigmata
H. Maurice ValettWorldEcosystem ecology of riverine landscapes (aquifers, rivers, streams, and floodplains)
Michelle WildsmithWorldTaxonomy of polychaetes and amphipods from marine and estuarine waters in Western Australia
USA (Western)Porifera (freshwater)
Tom KennedyUSA (Southeast)freshwater mussel parasite (unionid larval life stage)- host fish relationship
Ryan KingUSA (Southeast)Wetland and low-gradient stream macroinvertebrates
Charles SwartUSA (Southeast)I have visited several museums across the U.S. and studied the available semi-aquatic hemiptera collections. I am particularly interested in the Belostomatidae.
South AmericaBioindicators
Ana Paula HoeinghausSouth AmericaFreshwater fish parasites
Susanne SchmidtOceaniagroundwater invertebrates in Western Australia
William GerthNorth Americafreshwater amphipods in the genus, Ramellogammarus
Norman LeonardNorth Americastructure of vertebrate assemblages (primarily amphibians and reptiles) in small streams, temporary ponds, and other ephemeral habitats
Hannah StoutNorth AmericaSFS-certified for Aquatic Insect Families of North America
Steven TaylorNorth AmericaSemiaquatic Hemiptera
J. HansonCanada (East)I am not a taxonomist rather I am a community ecologist who prefers to correctly identify the fishes, crustaceans (mainly decopods), and molluscs (mainly bivalves)that show up in predator stomachs.
William BowdenArcticBryophytes, aquatic
Carrie ParrisArcticMarine invertebrate investigations of Port Valdez, Prince William Sound, Alaska and northeast Chukchi Sea off the northwest coast of Alaska. 3 years experience.