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Taxonomic experts listed by region of expertise


Yves AlarieColeopteraHydradephaga systematics; larvae, adult; biodiversity
Javier Alba-TercedorEphemeroptera
Brian ArmitageTrichoptera"Primary interest: Adults of the Goeridae, Rhyacophilidae, and Limnephilidae.
Nicholas AumenBacteriaExpertise focused on determining physiological groups of microoganisms in aquatic ecosystems.
Felix BaerlocherFungiaquatic hyphomycetes
Shelley BallStream invertebrates (general)
Brendan "Chip" BarrettOtherExperience in polychaete systematics, taxonomy, and phylogenetics
Nate BickfordFish"Community interactions
G. BurtonStream invertebrates (general)Research deals with use of both surrogate and resident organisms to assess water and sediment quality, optimizing measurement endpoints, indices, and assessment methods (lab and in situ exposures).
Yong CaoStream invertebrates (general)
Namil ChungFungiAqutic Fungal Ecology and Interaction with Macroinvertebrates
Atilano Contreras-RamosMegalopteraI have a particular interest on Neotropical Megaloptera, but a general interest on Corydalidae of the World.
Gregory CourtneyDiptera (Others)
John EplerChironomidae"Larvae, pupae or adults
Steve FendOligochaetaLumbriculidae in particular; general interest in other microdriles.
Leonard FerringtonChironomidae
Jerry FreilichStream invertebrates (general)I am broad generalist interested in conservation biology of reserves and protected areas. I am interested in aquatic indicators of biological integrity. Also, theoretical aspects of dam removal.
Jon GelhausDiptera (Others)crane flies, Tipuloidea: Tipulidae, Limoniidae, Pediciidae, Cylindrotomidae
Mark GessnerFungiaquatic hyphomycetes in temperate regions
N. GianiOligochaeta
Frederic GovedichOtherI work on freshwater leeches (Euhirudinea)
Ronald GriffithsStream invertebrates (general)I have been identifying benthic macroinvertebrates (arthropods, molluscs, annelids) for over 25 years. Taxonomic expertise concentrated in Great Lakes basin of North America, East Africa, British Columbia, Southeast Asia and New Zealand. Particularly interested in Baetid mayflies.
Ronald GriffithsLake invertebrates (general)
Ronald GriffithsEphemeroptera
Ronald GriffithsPlecoptera
Ronald GriffithsChironomidae
Ronald GriffithsOligochaeta
Vladislav GulisFungiaquatic hyphomycetes
Landis HareLake invertebrates (general)
Ralph HolzenthalTrichoptera
Colin JacksonBacteria
Luke JacobusEphemeropteraEphemerellidae
Donna KashianOtherEcotoxicology invasive species
John KingstonAlgaediatoms and freshwater algae of lakes, streams, wetlands
Andrea KirkwoodAlgaeHave broad expertise in algae from freshwater, hypersaline and wastewater systems.
Andrea KirkwoodBacteriaUse a polyphasic approach including in situ, culturing and molecular techniques to describe and document microbial communities from aquatic systems.
Christopher LaumerOtherI am interested in the taxonomy and phylogeny of the free-living flatworms, especially the so-called "microturbellarian" groups. My particular focus is in the ubiquitous family Prorhynchidae, but I can be easily lured by other taxa as well. A secondary focal group are the freshwater Nemertea, commonly exemplified by the genus Prostoma.
Michael MayOdonataBehavior, systematics
John MorseTrichopterasystematics, biogeography
C. Riley NelsonPlecopteraI work especially with Capniidae.
Steve OrmerodOtherGeneral stream and river ecology, mostly Europe and Asia
Adrian PinderOligochaeta
Aga PinowskaAlgae
Kristopher PitcherDiptera (Others)Specifically Culicidae
Marina PotapovaAlgaefreshwater and brackishwater diatoms
Aysha PratherTrichopteraparticular expertise in: North American Rhyacophilidae, New World Calamoceratidae and Odontoceridae
Heather ProctorOtherAcari: Hydracarina (Hydrachnellae/'water mites'); Oribatida, Astigmata, Mesostigmata
Seth ReiceStream invertebrates (general)I specialize in benthic macroinvertebrate biodivesity, mainly in North Carlina, but also in Israel, Canada and Brazil.
Barton RichardEphemeroptera
Desiree RobertsonTrichopteraSystematics of Protoptilinae (Glossosomatidae)
Ole SaetherStream invertebrates (general)
Ole SaetherLake invertebrates (general)
Ole SaetherChironomidae
Ole SaetherDiptera (Others)
Garry ScrimgeourStream invertebrates (general)
Martin SpiesChironomidaeesp. the Americas, West Palaearctic, Africa
R. StevensonAlgaeI am particularly familiar with diatom taxonomy and ecology.
Keller SuberkroppFungi
Kazumi TanidaStream invertebrates (general)
Brad TaylorStream invertebrates (general)
Brad TaylorPlecoptera
Kenneth TennessenOdonataIdentification of New World Odonata, both adults and larvae; preparing a book on Anisoptera larvae of North America; preparing keys for South American families and genera; describing new species from Neotropics.
Sam Testa IIIColeoptera"Hydrophilidae adults
H. Maurice ValettOtherEcosystem ecology of riverine landscapes (aquifers, rivers, streams, and floodplains)
Rolf VinebrookeAlgaeMy lab's phycological expertise involves mainly algae in relative extreme environments (e.g., alpine, acidified boreal, polar) with a particular emphasis on periphytic species.
Mark VinsonStream invertebrates (general)
Jeffrey WebbEphemeroptera
Mark WetzelOligochaeta"Taxonomy, systematics, distribution, and ecology of freshwater, marine, estuarine, and terrestrial Annelida (oligochaetous Clitellata, Hirudinida, Aeolosomatida, Branchiobdellida, and freshwater Polychaeta).
Michelle WildsmithOtherTaxonomy of polychaetes and amphipods from marine and estuarine waters in Western Australia
Bill WolfeStream invertebrates (general)aquatic Coleoptera, especially Hydradephaga

Western Europe

Maurizio BattegazzoreStream invertebrates (general)Also in general organisms used for running water quality evaluation
Maurizio BattegazzoreAlgaeDiatom communities
Ernst-Josef ClevenProtistpelagic and benthic ciliates; ciliates of hyporheic zones
Thibault DoixStream invertebrates (general)
Thibault DoixEphemeroptera
Thibault DoixOdonata
Margherita GioriaColeopteraAquatic Coleoptera, adults Wetland Plants
Björn GückerProtist
Fritz KohmannStream invertebrates (general)
Susanne SchmidtStream invertebrates (general)

USA (Western)

Koen BreedveldStream invertebrates (general)
Matthew CoverMegalopteraCorydalidae
Brian CreutzburgChironomidaeChironomid taxonomy, bioassessment, numerical taxonomy, deformities, and adaptive radiation
Clinton DavisAlgae
Robert DuBeyStream invertebrates (general)
Robert DuBeyOligochaetaMorphological identification and genetic classification of tubificidae.
David FeldmanStream invertebrates (general)
Karen GainesOdonataInterested in larval ecology; exuviae collection
Erika GalloStream invertebrates (general)
William GerthStream invertebrates (general)
David GibsonStream invertebrates (general)
Nadia GillettAlgae
Eric HargettStream invertebrates (general)
James HogueDiptera (Others)"Current focus on Tipulidae;
Rosalina HristovaAlgaeDiatoms and other algal groups
Walter JohnstonStream invertebrates (general)Proficient in identifying EPT specimens to genus.
Sarah JudsonStream invertebrates (general)
Sarah JudsonPlecoptera
David KeslerStream invertebrates (general)Western Montana streams
Kristie KloseStream invertebrates (general)
Amy MarcarelliAlgae
Paul MarshFish
Daniel MosleyStream invertebrates (general)
Kristina NeptunStream invertebrates (general)Volunteer monitoring
Jeremiah Osborne-GoweyFish
Jeremiah Osborne-GoweyAmphibia
Richard RockwellStream invertebrates (general)In contexts of trophic function, lotic ecology, and anthropogenic disturbance and related reclamation of threatened salmonid fisheries. Particular interest in anadromous fisheries. Contract taxonomist for your project's benthic samples from Rocky Mountain, Great Basin, and Pacific Coast states. (Click name for details.)
Scott RollinsAlgae
Sarah RushforthAlgae
Christopher SchneiderTrichopteraComments
Larry SpencerCrustaceaGammarus lacustris
David StaglianoStream invertebrates (general)
Mark WipfliFishSpatial subsidies

USA (Southeast)

Mohammed Al-SaffarStream invertebrates (general)
Debbie ArnwineStream invertebrates (general)
Raynie BambargerMolluscaUnionid Mussels
Steven BeatyStream invertebrates (general)
Steven BeatyColeoptera
Braven BeatyMolluscaProficient with mussels of upper Tennessee Basin, some knowledge of Atlantic slope mussels.
Mike BeiserTrichoptera
Keith BowlinStream invertebrates (general)
Chris BurcherStream invertebrates (general)
Chris BurcherFish
David BurgeAlgaeDiatoms of freshwater cypress-tupelo swamps of the Cache River Watershed, Arkansas
Robert ButlerCrustaceaCrayfish; particularly imperiled species
Charles CovellStream invertebrates (general)Fauna of KY, esp. Culicidae
William CrouchStream invertebrates (general)Aquatic insects, oligochaeta, freshwater mussels
Lawrence EatonStream invertebrates (general)
Damon ElyStream invertebrates (general)Southern Appalachian headwater streams
William EnglishStream invertebrates (general)
John EplerColeoptera"My expertise is mainly with the water beetle fauna of Florida
Erin FeichtnerStream invertebrates (general)Collect and identify aquatic macroinvertebrates in a Metro Atlanta county.
Michael GangloffMolluscaSpecialization in Mobile and Gulf Coastal (ACF, Escambia, Yellow) Unionidae.
Steven HamiltonStream invertebrates (general)For the past 15 years I have been involved in biomonitoring in north-central Tennessee and the surrounding region.
Steven HamiltonTrichopteraI have specialized in the Polycentropodidae and have considerable experience in Neotropical Polycentropus
Audrey HarrisonStream invertebrates (general)
Kathy HerringStream invertebrates (general)
Victor HollandStream invertebrates (general)EPT Chironomidae
Misty HuddlestonStream invertebrates (general)
Richard JacobsenChironomidae"After 19 years, I can discriminate ""red midges"" from ""green midges"""
Robert JohnsonStream invertebrates (general)
Eugene KeferlMollusca
Tom KennedyOtherfreshwater mussel parasite (unionid larval life stage)- host fish relationship
David KeslerMolluscaUnionidae only
Raymond KesslerCrustacea
Ryan KingOtherWetland and low-gradient stream macroinvertebrates
John KominoskiStream invertebrates (general)
John KominoskiBacteria
John KominoskiFungi
Sarah KopplinMolluscaUnionids (Souhteastern Michigan & North Carolina)
David LenatStream invertebrates (general)
David LenatEphemeroptera
David LenatTrichoptera
David LenatChironomidae
Laura LineStream invertebrates (general)
Laura LineLake invertebrates (general)
Tony MillerStream invertebrates (general)
Kevin MorseStream invertebrates (general)
Lucie NovoveskaAlgae
Brett OstbyMollusca
Michael PaulStream invertebrates (general)
Aric PayneStream invertebrates (general)I have been collecting and identifying aquatic macroinvertebrates in Kentucky for almost a year as a full time job with the Kentucky Division of Water. I also have a Taxonomic Certification from NABS (EPT East).
Greg PhillipsStream invertebrates (general)
Jeremy PikeStream invertebrates (general)
Jeremy PikeChironomidaeNABS (SFS) Certified
Blair PrushaStream invertebrates (general)
Blair PrushaFish
Johnny RichardsonOdonataLarval Odonata
Bradford RobinsonStream invertebrates (general)Expertise with most aquatic macroinvertbrate groups, especially Trichoptera
Amy RollinsStream invertebrates (general)
Anthony RouxStream invertebrates (general)
Sarah RoyStream invertebrates (general)Florida SCI and Biorecon, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana collection and Identification
Allison RoyStream invertebrates (general)
Allison RoyFish
Robert RutterLake invertebrates (general)Florida
Guenter SchusterStream invertebrates (general)I work with Trichoptera, crayfishes and freshwater mussels
Stephen SefickStream invertebrates (general)
Brent StaffordStream invertebrates (general)
Brent StaffordFish
Hannah StoutStream invertebrates (general)SFS-certified for Aquatic Arthropod Genera of Eastern North America
Hannah StoutEphemeropteraPrimary expertise: Ephemera guttulata (Ephemeridae). SFS-certified for EPT Genera of Eastern North America
Hannah StoutPlecopteraSFS-certified for EPT Genera of Eastern North America
Hannah StoutTrichopteraSFS-certified for EPT Genera of Eastern North America
Michael StoweStream invertebrates (general)
Douglas StromStream invertebrates (general)I have worked with macroinvertebrates in the Southeast for over 20 years. I have identified all freshwater groups, and prepared and authored many reports, including peer-reviewed scientific articles.
Douglas StromChironomidaeI have had a professional involvement with and strong interest in Chironomidae identification for over twenty years.
Adam SukenickStream invertebrates (general)
Charles SwartOtherI have visited several museums across the U.S. and studied the available semi-aquatic hemiptera collections. I am particularly interested in the Belostomatidae.
Theresa ThomStream invertebrates (general)
Joshua TompkinsStream invertebrates (general)
Melvin WarrenFish
Brian WatsonMolluscaOver 12 years experience with TN River basin and Atlantic slope freshwater mussels in Virginia and North Carolina. Also proficient with freshwater gastropods in same area.
Douglas WymerStream invertebrates (general)
Erika YatesOdonata

USA (Northeast)

Maria Aliberti LubertazziLake invertebrates (general)Particularly ode nymphs, culicid & chaoborid larvae
Mohammed Al-SaffarStream invertebrates (general)
Jody BarbeauStream invertebrates (general)
Frank BorsukFish
William CrouchStream invertebrates (general)Aquatic Insects Species ID (immatures), including Chironomidae (larvae only)
Sara da SilvaStream invertebrates (general)Four years doing taxonomic ID in RI.
Jeremy DeedsStream invertebrates (general)
Kristoffer DrambyStream invertebrates (general)
Sean DunlapOdonata
Jane EarlePlecopteraUpdating PA stonefly species distribution list, studying pollution tolerance & habitat preferences.
Alan EverettStream invertebrates (general)general knowledge of stream invertebrates in Southeastern Pennsylvania Piedmont
Alan GrahamStream invertebrates (general)
Jason HamidiStream invertebrates (general)
Guy HoffmanStream invertebrates (general)
Guy HoffmanAlgae
Richard JacobsenStream invertebrates (general)
Kurt JirkaStream invertebrates (general)
Kurt JirkaMolluscaPrimarily Unionidae
Jonathan KennenStream invertebrates (general)
Jonathan KennenFish
Robert LimbeckStream invertebrates (general)
Marisa LoganStream invertebrates (general)SFS certified in Eastern EPT
Marisa LoganChironomidaeSFS certified in Eastern Chironomidae
Marisa LoganFishCertified Fisheries Professional (AFS)
James McGonigleStream invertebrates (general)
Rhonda MendelStream invertebrates (general)Proficient in the idenfication of freshwater macroinvertebrates to genus/species - especially interested in larval chironomids - NABS certified in Eastern Chironomids and Eastern EPT
George MerovichStream invertebrates (general)
George MerovichLake invertebrates (general)
George MerovichFish
George MerovichAmphibia
Alberto MimoCrustaceaI also work with marine crustaceans
Tiffany MooreStream invertebrates (general)
Ethan NedeauStream invertebrates (general)Freshwater macroinvertebrates from streams, lakes, vernal pools. Species IDs when good keys exist.
J NolanStream invertebrates (general)NABS TCE Level 2 Group 2 and 3 East (EPT and Chironomidae) certified taxonomist.
Robert NuzzoStream invertebrates (general)familiar with many aquatic macroinvertebrate taxa from wadable, fast-flowing streams in Massachusetts
Matthew OpdykeStream invertebrates (general)
Leland PollockStream invertebrates (general)
Thomas ProchPlecoptera
Thomas ProchMollusca
Erinn RichmondStream invertebrates (general)
Frank RinkevichStream invertebrates (general)I am capable of identifying nearly every stream insect to genus using Merritt and Cummings 3rd Edition.
John RyderStream invertebrates (general)
Lynnette SaundersOdonataexpertise in larval odonate identification
Annette SchlossStream invertebrates (general)I study the diel behaviors of stream insects, especially in regards to light cues and interactions with predators.
Robert SchottStream invertebrates (general)
Gerald ShepardLake invertebrates (general)
Hannah StoutStream invertebrates (general)SFS-certified for Aquatic Arthropod Genera of Eastern North America
Hannah StoutEphemeropteraPrimary expertise: Ephemera guttulata (Ephemeridae). SFS-certified for EPT Genera of Eastern North America
Hannah StoutPlecopteraSFS-certified for EPT Genera of Eastern North America
Hannah StoutTrichopteraSFS-certified for EPT Genera of Eastern North America
Robert VentoriniStream invertebrates (general)Moderate taxonomic expertise of Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, Trichoptera, Diptera, Megaloptera, and Coleoptera genera.
Gerald WatsonStream invertebrates (general)Primary expertise: Aquatic Insect Taxonomy With a general concentration on the Northeastern U.S.
Melvin ZimmermanStream invertebrates (general)in particular Ephemeroptera ( Hexagenia)

USA (Central)

Ken BazataStream invertebrates (general)
Brandy BergtholdStream invertebrates (general)
Greg BrightStream invertebrates (general)Indiana
Andre DeLormeStream invertebrates (general)Identification of macroinvertebrates from the rivers and streams of North Dakota
Edward DeWaltEphemeropteraCan identify nymphs and adults in the Midwest region.
Edward DeWaltTrichopteraCan identify larvae, pupae, and adults in the Midwest and Southeast region.
Julia EichmanAlgae
William FisherStream invertebrates (general)
William FisherFishFishes and aquatic invertebrates of the south-central great plains
Michael FlinnStream invertebrates (general)
Timothy GoodeBacteria
B. GreenStream invertebrates (general)
Kerry GriffisAmphibia
Amy GronkeLake invertebrates (general)
Amy GronkeAlgaeI am interested in algae, but am not an expert by any means!!!!!!
Dean HansenStream invertebrates (general)
Chad HargraveFish
Marian HavlikMollusca"Studied unionoid mollusks of the Upper
Max HenschenMolluscaUnionidae
Rachel HethPlecoptera
Christopher HoagstromFishGreatest interest in minnows, particularly the genus Notropis
John JenkinsonMolluscaover 25 years experience with native mussels in the Tennessee River basin
Arjun KafleChironomidaeI have identified Chironomidae larvae frm 31 wadeable streams of Eastern South Dakota. Moreover, I have identified other macroinvertebrates from these streams.
John KominoskiAlgae
Stephen McMurrayMolluscafreshwater mussels, terrestrial and aquatic snails
Keith MichalskiStream invertebrates (general)Strong knowledge of stream macroinvertebrate species of the central USA. EPT/Chironomidae
Raymond NewmanStream invertebrates (general)Only general expertise. Particular interest in aquatic weevils (Curculionidae)
Kevin OlsonStream invertebrates (general)
David PendergrassStream invertebrates (general)Texas stream invertebrates
Mateo ScogginsStream invertebrates (general)"Stream ecology w/concentration on urban streams and hydrological interactions.
Barbara Scudder EikenberryAlgae
Michael ShuprytStream invertebrates (general)
Elizabeth SmithStream invertebrates (general)
Bryan SowardsStream invertebrates (general)
Bryan SowardsMollusca
Bryan SowardsFish
James StahlStream invertebrates (general)
James StahlAlgae
James StahlFish
James StahlAmphibia
Jeffrey StevenStream invertebrates (general)"research biologist - wastewater treatment plant
Paradzayi TagwireyiStream invertebrates (general)
Carl WakefieldStream invertebrates (general)
Julie WolinAlgaeExpertise in the Great Lakes region
Matt WootenFishLarge and Great River Fish (eg, the fishes of the Ohio River)

South America

Juan BlancoMolluscaDiadromous gastropods at Panamian and Caribbean Provinces.
Luis BrancoAlgae"Cyanobacteria
Adriano Ferreira Da SilvaLake invertebrates (general)I am not an expert in taxonomy of aquatic invertebrates, but as a tropical benthologist, I have acquired some skills to identify a significant diversity of benthic invertebrates (mostly aquatic insects).
Claudio FroehlichPlecopteraBrazilian Plecoptera
Juan González TrujilloStream invertebrates (general)
Neusa HamadaStream invertebrates (general)Simuliidae (Diptera)
Ana Paula HoeinghausOtherFreshwater fish parasites
Ralph HolzenthalTrichoptera
Mercedes MarcheseOligochaetaI am specialist on freshwater oligochaeta
Maria Júlia Martins SilvaStream invertebrates (general)mainly Mollusca and aquatic insect larvae
Ana Moreyra SalcedoStream invertebrates (general)
Henrique PaprockiStream invertebrates (general)
Henrique PaprockiTrichoptera
Manuel PescadorEphemeropteraSystematics
Blanca Rios-ToumaStream invertebrates (general)Microdistribution of stream invertebrates under different hydrological conditions
Blanca Rios-ToumaStream invertebrates (general)Biomonitoring of ecological conditions of High altitude Andean Streams.
Blanca Rios-ToumaMolluscaAquatic Gastropoda
Adriano Sanches MeloStream invertebrates (general)"Brazil
Kathia SonodaChironomidaeBrazilian species of Chironomidae
Brad TaylorFish


Doug CraigDiptera (Others)"Simuliidae, other lower Diptera, evolution, morphology, head development.
Sarah DouglassStream invertebrates (general)Family level identification & AUSRIVAS collection
Ian HendersonTrichoptera
Christopher MaddenStream invertebrates (general)
Christopher MaddenChironomidaeAustralia. Published guide to genera 2009.
Christopher MaddenDiptera (Others)Australia
Erinn RichmondStream invertebrates (general)South Eastern Australia
Susanne SchmidtOthergroundwater invertebrates in Western Australia
John StarkStream invertebrates (general)
Michael WinterbournStream invertebrates (general)I have authored the principal guide used to identify aquatic insects in New Zealand. I also have expertise in identifying freshwater Mollusca of NZ and to an extent the lotic Crustacea.

North America

Kevin AlexanderStream invertebrates (general)
Evan AndersonStream invertebrates (general)
Evan AndersonLake invertebrates (general)
Janel BanksStream invertebrates (general)
Steven BeatyEphemeroptera
Steven BeatyPlecoptera
Steven BeatyTrichoptera
Steven BeatyChironomidae
Randall BernotMollusca
Becky BlasiusStream invertebrates (general)
Angela BobeldykStream invertebrates (general)
Ethan BrightStream invertebrates (general)Chironomidae; also Odonata, Plecoptera, and Trichoptera
Ethan BrightChironomidae
Aimee BuddStream invertebrates (general)
Steven BurianEphemeroptera"Taxonomic expertise with both larvae and
Robert ButlerMolluscaPrimarily mussels, secondarily aquatic gastropods; particularly imperiled species
Robert ButlerFishStream fishes, particularly imperiled species
Alan ChristianStream invertebrates (general)
Charles CovellLepidopteraSpecialize in Geometridae of western hemisphere; aquatic insects of Kentucky; mosquitoes of Jefferson Co., KY
Grant De JongStream invertebrates (general)aquatic ID experience goes back to 1993; particular expertise throughout Rocky Mountains, and Pacific Coast from Alaska to Panama; interest in southeast U.S. and New England; also considerable expertise (since 1990)in many terrestrial groups
Nina DesiantiAlgaeDiatom identification to species level.
Edward DeWaltPlecopteraResearch includes stonefly, taxonomy, life history, distribution. Currently using museum specimen data to track temporal and spatial changes in stonefly assemblage of Illinois and Midwest. Use mayfly, stonefly, caddisfly (EPT) assemblage as indicator of stream condition at randomly chosen sites in Illinois. Studying the distribution of EPT species in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
Robert DillonMollusca"Coordinating the Freshwater Gastropods of North America Project. See:
Alice DossettStream invertebrates (general)
Richard DoucettStream invertebrates (general)
Richard DoucettFish
Richard DuffordAlgae
Walter DuffyStream invertebrates (general)
Sally EntrekinStream invertebrates (general)southeast and central
James FetznerCrustaceafreshwater crayfish
Michael FloydStream invertebrates (general)I have approx. 20 years of experience with taxonomy of general stream invertebrates in eastern North America, but my specialty is Trichoptera, both larvae and adults.
Angelina FowlerStream invertebrates (general)
Steve FreelingStream invertebrates (general)
Ken FritzStream invertebrates (general)jack of all invertebrate groups
Paula FureyAlgae
Paula FureyAlgaeEunotia :)
Fran GelwickFishStream Ecology, Bioassessment, Aquatic Resources Management
William GerthOtherfreshwater amphipods in the genus, Ramellogammarus
Mark GordonMolluscaSystematics and ecology of primarily freshwater mollusks, both Bivalvia and Gastropoda, of North America with secondary interest in terrestrial gastropods, molluscan taxa from other continents, and freshwater Crustacea
Scott GrotheerStream invertebrates (general)
Scott GrubbsPlecoptera
Brenda HannCrustacea"
Julianne HeinleinAlgae
Ana Paula HoeinghausStream invertebrates (general)
Michael HoggarthMolluscaEcology, Systematics and Life History of Freshwater Molluscs: Bivalvia and Gastropoda
Emily HollingsworthAlgaeMy specialty is in diatoms.
Ralph HolzenthalTrichoptera
C Evan HornigStream invertebrates (general)primarily aquatic life stages
Thomas HorvathStream invertebrates (general)
Thomas HorvathLake invertebrates (general)
Thomas HorvathMollusca
Thomas HorvathCrustaceaHarpacticoida
Thomas HorvathMeiofauna
Chuck HowardMolluscaI'm most familiar with freshwater mussels of the family Unionidae. Most of my experience is in the upper Mississippi and Ohio River drainages, with addtional experience in the Mobil River drainage of Alabama and some northern Atlantic Slope drainages.
Donald HugginsOdonata
Donald JacksonFish
Donna KashianStream invertebrates (general)
Joe KeiperDiptera (Others)Taxonomy of higher Diptera, particularly acalyptrates; taxonomy of adult and larval Hydroptilidae (Trichoptera).
Troy KellerCrustaceaCrayfishes
Tom KennedyStream invertebrates (general)
Tom KennedyFish
Ray KepnerProtist
Grace KilbaneStream invertebrates (general)Eastern and Western EPT, General Invertebrates (excluding Chironomidae and Oligochaeta).
Kurt KingChironomidae
David KirschtelAlgae
David KleinStream invertebrates (general)I am interested in invertebrate identification and how they are affected my pollutants
Ely KosnickiEphemeropteraI started my benthological career studying mayfly life histories, and I am always looking for opportunities to pursue these types of studies.
Ely KosnickiChironomidaeI have worked and studied from coast to coast in the USA and I have had opportunities to discuss specimens with experts. I have also authored and coauthored a couple range extension papers.
Brian KrestianChironomidae
Brian KrestianOligochaeta
Kenneth KriegerLake invertebrates (general)Primary expertise in Lake Erie drainage
Kenneth KriegerOligochaetaNaididae and Tubificidae of Lake Erie
Thomas La PointStream invertebrates (general)
Gina LaLiberteAlgae
William LaVoieStream invertebrates (general)
William LaVoieLake invertebrates (general)
Sylvia LeeAlgaediatoms
Michael LemkeBacteria
Norman LeonardAmphibiaI work with temporary pond breeders in the southeast US, riparian salamanders, and (ocassionally) tailed frogs
Norman LeonardOtherstructure of vertebrate assemblages (primarily amphibians and reptiles) in small streams, temporary ponds, and other ephemeral habitats
Gary LesterChironomidaeI am available to work on larval and pupal Chironomidae for N. America.
David LiebCrustacea
Craig LoganStream invertebrates (general)I deal with both lake and stream invertebrates occuring throughout Canada and the Northern United States.
Kevin LundeStream invertebrates (general)
Stuart LyndeStream invertebrates (general)"ES&C is a certified HUBZone small business providing taxonomic expertise and analytical support to public and private sector clients nationwide."
Stuart LyndeLake invertebrates (general)"ES&C is a certified HUBZone small business providing taxonomic expertise and analytical support to public and private sector clients nationwide."
Kate MacnealePlecoptera
Kalina ManoylovAlgaediatom and algal taxonomic identification
Brett MarshallStream invertebrates (general)
William MasonChironomidaeAuthor of the first largely pictorial guide to the identification of NA chironomid larvae (1968 FWQA, USDI; rev. 1969, FWPCA; USEPA 1973; Ecology Support, Inc. 1998, 5th Printing 2000).
Robin MatthewsAlgae
Stephen McMurrayStream invertebrates (general)
Ashley MoerkeStream invertebrates (general)
Ashley MoerkeFish
James MooreDiptera (Others)Culicidae
Stephen MoultonTrichoptera
Armin NamayandehChironomidae
Richard NevesStream invertebrates (general)freshwater mussels
Teresa NewtonMollusca
Dwight OsmonStream invertebrates (general)
Dwight OsmonLake invertebrates (general)
Yangdong PanAlgaeFreshwater algae/periphyton
Charles ParkerTrichoptera
Manuel PescadorEphemeropteraSystematics
Carlos PinkhamStream invertebrates (general)Not an expert at all, but interested in taxa found in northern temperate deciduous and boreal streams of N America
Kristopher PitcherStream invertebrates (general)
Kristopher PitcherLake invertebrates (general)
Kristopher PitcherOdonata
Kristopher PitcherColeopteraSpecifically Dytiscidae
Barry PoultonPlecopteraResearch includes biogeography, ecology, life history, taxonomy, community structure, and pollution tolerances of Plecoptera as related to applied studies such as bioassessments, evaluation of natural resource damages, food habit studies, and effects of anthropogenic disturbances
Euan ReavieAlgae
Steven ReynoldsChironomidae
Trefor ReynoldsonOligochaeta
Moriya RuferLake invertebrates (general)Benthic macroinvertebrates, especially Chironomidae.
Dave RuiterTrichoptera
Brandi SangunettStream invertebrates (general)
Thomas SchultzOdonata
Ryan ScottEphemeroptera
Ryan ScottPlecoptera
Ryan ScottTrichoptera
Gerald ShepardStream invertebrates (general)
Jeffrey SimmonsAlgae
Geoffrey SmithStream invertebrates (general)Presently working on the stream ecology of Indian River, Sitka, Baranof Island, Southeast Alaska.
Alexander SmithChironomidae
Thomas SmithAlgae
Charles StainesColeoptera
Arthur StewartAlgaeI can identify a few algae and appreciate and have some understanding of their modes of life, but I am not a taxonomic specialist, for any group.
Ben StoutStream invertebrates (general)My taxonomic expertise includes general aquatic insect taxonomy of all aquatic orders.
Hannah StoutOtherSFS-certified for Aquatic Insect Families of North America
Sean SullivanStream invertebrates (general)Experience in genus and species level ID for all non-chironomidae invertebrates. Interests include community ecology in response to anthropogenticlly altered habitat. Additional interest in metals contaminated (AMD) streams.
Jason SweetFishStream Fish
Jason SweetFishStream Fish
Steven TaylorOtherSemiaquatic Hemiptera
John ThieleStream invertebrates (general)
Lusha TronstadStream invertebrates (general)I can identify aquatic invertebrates, including larval and adult chironomids.
Nancy TuchmanStream invertebrates (general)I study global change impacts on multiple trophic levels including the microorganisms, algae, and macroinvertebrates.
Andrew TurnerMollusca
Charles WatsonStream invertebrates (general)
Charles WatsonLake invertebrates (general)
Charles WatsonChironomidae
Carl WayMolluscasphaeriid clams
Jeffrey WebbStream invertebrates (general)
Matt WhilesStream invertebrates (general)
Matt WhilesTrichopteralarvae
Matt WhilesAmphibia
Rebecca WinterringerMollusca
Mark WipfliStream invertebrates (general)"Food webs
Lynne WittyStream invertebrates (general)Over 20 plus years, I have gained training and experience identifying Canadian stream macroinvertebrates to the family/genus level.
Lynne WittyCrustaceaSpecialized in computerized biomass and density assessments of Canadian freshwater crustacean zooplankton, to the species level, with 13 years experience.
Daelyn WoolnuoghStream invertebrates (general)
Daelyn WoolnuoghMollusca
Daelyn WoolnuoghFish

Middle East

Mohammed Al-SaffarEphemeropteraI am interested in EPOT (Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, Odonata, and Trichoptera). For more infor, please visit my LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/pub/mohammed-a-al-saffar/70/66a/866/
Mohammed Al-SaffarPlecoptera
Mohammed Al-SaffarOdonata
Mohammed Al-SaffarTrichoptera
Mohammed Al-SaffarChironomidae
Nilgun KazanciStream invertebrates (general)




Marina AboalAlgaediatoms, cyanophytes, microcystins
Javier Alba-TercedorStream invertebrates (general)
Mario BraunsEphemeroptera
Mario BraunsTrichoptera
Mario BraunsColeoptera
Peter BurgherrStream invertebrates (general)
Cécile CapderreyStream invertebrates (general)
Xavier-Francois GarciaChironomidaeStream and lake invertebrates (general) too.
Gisli GislasonTrichoptera"Other groups:
Michael MonaghanStream invertebrates (general)Alpine Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, Trichoptera
Natasa MoriStream invertebrates (general)
Natasa MoriCrustaceagroundwater and freshwater living Ostracoda
Martin NealeStream invertebrates (general)Natural History Museum (London)indentification qualifications passed at family and species level.
Jesus OrtizStream invertebrates (general)
Lars PetersLake invertebrates (general)Epilithic meiofauna communities with focus on nematodes
Lars PetersMeiofaunaSince meiofauna organisms in periphyton communities in lakes have greatly been neglected, I focus on these communities with main emphasis on nematodes.
Narcis PratChironomidaeSome experience in south america
Maria-Angeles PuigEphemeroptera
Maria-Angeles PuigPlecoptera
Blanca Rios-ToumaStream invertebrates (general)Biomonitoring of ecological status of mediterranean rivers in Catalonia, Spain.
Pilar RodriguezOligochaetaalso North America and other regions of the world
Gabriel SingerStream invertebrates (general)
Gabriel SingerEphemeroptera
Gabriel SingerTrichoptera
Janne SoininenAlgae
Bjorn SvenssonStream invertebrates (general)particularly Ephemeroptera, Chironomidae, Tipulidae, Heteroptera
Klement TocknerStream invertebrates (general)
Kari-Matti VuoriStream invertebrates (general)
Kari-Matti VuoriTrichoptera

Eastern Europe

Ildiko SzivakTrichoptera

Central America

David BaumgardnerEphemeroptera
Pablo Gutierrez-FonsecaPlecoptera
Ralph HolzenthalTrichoptera
Petra KranzfelderChironomidae
Henrique PaprockiTrichoptera

Canada (West)

Thibault DoixStream invertebrates (general)
Thibault DoixEphemeroptera
Thibault DoixPlecoptera
Thibault DoixOdonata
Thibault DoixTrichoptera
Renata KolodziejczykStream invertebrates (general)community ecology
Renata KolodziejczykFungibiomass estimates
Henry KomadowskiStream invertebrates (general)Education & Conservation
Mark LeRuezStream invertebrates (general)
ZoAnn MortenStream invertebrates (general)
Iain PhillipsStream invertebrates (general)I focuss on all benthic macroinvertebrates in Sasaktchewan, with particular interest in the mussels, stoneflies, beetles and midges.
John RichardsonStream invertebrates (general)"Community ecology; food web experiments; riparian management; detritivores; headwater streams; organic matter dynamics; forestry; biomonitoring; stream restoration
Nancy SerediakStream invertebrates (general)
Giuseppina ViolaStream invertebrates (general)

Canada (North)

Ryan ScottChironomidae
Paul SibleyCrustacea

Canada (East)

Caroline AndersonStream invertebrates (general)
M. ColboStream invertebrates (general)"This refers to Newfoundland and Labrador
M. ColboLake invertebrates (general)This refers to Newfoundland and Labrador
Richard CunjakFish
Allen CurryStream invertebrates (general)BMI Taxonomy Lab, Canadian Rivers Institute. Certified Taxonomist - Kristie Heard (kheard@unb.ca) offering a variety of collection, sorting, and analytical services (www.unb.ca/cri)
Carole-Anne GillisStream invertebrates (general)Family level identification
J. HansonOtherI am not a taxonomist rather I am a community ecologist who prefers to correctly identify the fishes, crustaceans (mainly decopods), and molluscs (mainly bivalves)that show up in predator stomachs.
Shalom MandavilleStream invertebrates (general)
Shalom MandavilleLake invertebrates (general)
Julie SchulenburgStream invertebrates (general)
Ryan ScottStream invertebrates (general)
Sylvain TheriaultLake invertebrates (general)
Sylvain TheriaultEphemeropteracollection,preservation and identification

Canada (Central)

Robert BaileyMollusca
Gordon GoldsboroughAlgae
Daryl McGoldrickMollusca
Paul SibleyStream invertebrates (general)
Paul SibleyLake invertebrates (general)
David ZanattaMolluscaOntario unionid spp.


Hans EikaasFishNew Zealand, and gaining expertise in Malaysinan Peninsula (Singapore)
Ai FujinagaStream invertebrates (general)
Sarah JudsonPlecoptera
Hiromune MitsuhashiStream invertebrates (general)caddisfly
Chitchol PhalarakshStream invertebrates (general)Aquatic Insects: Ephemeroptera, Trichoptera, Plecoptera, etc.
Lau PongStream invertebrates (general)
Takao ShimizuPlecoptera
Yasuhiro TakemonStream invertebrates (general)Particularly of Ephemeroptera
Tang TaoAlgaeI am interested in river ecology, especially in algae ecology and ecosystem management of running waters.
Zhicai XieStream invertebrates (general)Oligochaeta, macroinvertebrates,ecology
Alex Chee Yu YeungStream invertebrates (general)
Alex Chee Yu YeungMollusca


William BowdenOtherBryophytes, aquatic
Carl CappellettiAlgaeAlgae and Bryophytes
Carrie ParrisOtherMarine invertebrate investigations of Port Valdez, Prince William Sound, Alaska and northeast Chukchi Sea off the northwest coast of Alaska. 3 years experience.


Denise SchaelStream invertebrates (general)Southern African macroinvertebrates, most groups to genus level, several to species level.

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