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Irwin Polls
Ecological Monitoring and Assessment
3206 Maple Leaf Dr.
Glenview, IL
USA, 60026
Phone: (847) 564-9905
Email: ipolls@comcast.net

How to Subscribe to FWS

SFS members receive /Freshwater Science/ online as a benefit of
membership. Individual membership rates for 2014: $75 regular, $55
young professional, $40 students, and free to emeritus. The print
edition may be added for an extra $75 per year (plus postage for non-U.S. members).

Individual Subscriptions

Individual subscription are reserved for SFS members only. All SFS members receive FWS online and members may request a print copy with SFS membership for US$75.00. One cannot subscribe to the journal without being a member. To subscribe to the journal, fill in the membership application.

Institutional Subscriptions

Institutional print + electronic and e-only subscriptions are available through JSTOR's Current Scholarship Program and include unlimited online access; rates are tiered according to an institution's type and research output: $248 to $496 (print+electronic), $210 to $420 (e-only). For print+electronic and e-only subscriptions contact participation@jstor.org. Institutional print-only is $248. For print-only subscriptions contact the University of Chicago Press, Journals Division, P.O. Box 37005, Chicago, IL 60637. Telephone: (773) 753-3347 or toll-free in the United States and Canada (877) 705-1878. Fax: (773) 753-0811 or toll-free (877) 705-1879. E-mail: subscriptions@press.uchicago.edu.

To see if your institution has an active subscription to Freshwater Science, visit
-05.aspx. If your institution has a Print-Only subscription or is not listed,
visit http://www.journals.uchicago.edu/LRF/FWS to recommend Freshwater
Science to your librarian.

For additional rates, including single-copy rates, please visit www.journals.uchicago.edu/FWS/. Free or deeply discounted access is available in most developing nations through the Chicago Emerging Nations Initiative (www.journals.uchicago.edu/ceni/). Additional taxes and/or postage for non-U.S. subscriptions may apply.

Purchase Back Issues

To purchase back volumes or single issues, send an email to the Business Manager, Irwin Polls (ipolls@comcast.net). Some shipping costs may apply.

Rosemary MacKay History and 25th Anniversary Birthday Issue

Two other special publications are available for purchase:

  1. Beneath the Surface: A History of the North American Benthological Society: 1953 to 2003 by Rosemary J. MacKay (2005) for US$15.00
  2. The 25th Anniversary Issue of the Journal of the North American Benthological Society (2010) for US$29.95


Copyrights and Permissions

Copyright permissions may be obtained by sending an email to the Editor, Pamela Silver (psb3@psu.edu). Please see the detailed policies regarding copyrights and permissions.

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