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SFS Logo Redesign Competition

Published On: 7/5/2017

SFS announces logo redesign competition. Submissions due 21 Aug. 2017.


Thank you all for your feedback on the SFS logo redesign. Of the logo options presented to you, one was clearly preferred over the others (logo 2); but no logo received as much enthusiastic support as we had hoped for. In an effort to leave no rock unturned, the Board has agreed to solicit additional logo ideas from the SFS membership and other interested parties. The person or team submitting the selected design will receive a prize of either $500 or free registration at the next annual meeting.

The logo redesign committee identified the following themes that represent the essence of the Society: freshwater, science, welcoming, community, professional, trustworthy, inclusive. The ideal logo will convey these themes and satisfy the following criteria:

It should convey what the society is about and appeal to a broad freshwater science audience.

  • It should contain both a visual graphic as well as a wordmark (i.e., Society for Freshwater Science).
  • It should have a professional, clean, simple, unique, and iconic design that provides an easily recognizable brand for the society.
  • It must not infringe on the registered logos of others.
  • It should be easily transferable to different media including the web site, letterhead, t-shirts, playing cards, mugs, water bottles, etc.
  • It must be scalable and clearly recognizable when reduced in size for use on letterhead (i.e., no more than 2 cm high).
  • The aspect ratio (width to height) should be either 1:1 (circle or square) or about 2.8:1 (rectangular) including wordmark.

Please refer to our compilation of other logos and the mood board that our web design vendor produced (link)to help inspire logo design and guide color and font selection.

You need not submit a polished logo. The society can provide professional services to take draft ideas to completion and may adjust colors and styling to align with the SFS website and other promotional materials.

All submissions are due on 21 August 2017 and should be submitted directly to Chuck Hawkins (chuck.hawkins@usu.edu). Please use “SFS Logo Submission” in your subject line. Make sure your logo file is no larger than 20 MB in size. For the initial evaluation, please submit your logo in pdf format.

The selected logo will become the property of the Society for Freshwater Science.

Please contact Chuck Hawkins if you have questions.


Chuck Hawkins, Logo Redesign Committee Chair

Colden Baxter, SFS President

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  • SFS announces logo redesign competition. Submissions due 21 Aug. 2017.

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