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JNABS publication by NABS member cited as Fast Breaking Paper

Published On: 12/7/2010

A 2009 JNABS paper by Steffen Pauls and colleagues was cited as a Fast Breaking Paper by Thomson Reuters.


A paper entitled ‘Patterns of population structure in two closely related, partially sympatric caddisflies in Eastern Europe: historic introgression, limited dispersal, and cryptic diversity’ was identified as the Fast Breaking Paper in Plant and Animal Sciences in December 2010 by Thomson Reuters Essential Science Indicators. This paper was lead-authored by NABS member Steffen Pauls and was published last year in the Journal of the North American Benthological Society (Pauls et al. 2009 JNABS 28(3):517–536). The authors found that two closely related caddisfly species (Drusus discolor and Drusus romanicus) that occupy similar niches and occur in partial sympatry differed in their genetic population structure. The authors attributed population differentiation to different Pliocene/Pleistocene population histories, differences in dispersal capabilities, or possible competitive exclusion. The novelty of this paper stems from the authors’ use of molecular techniques to associate larval and adult life stages, describe biodiversity, and reveal the evolutionary history of species. The study also characterized the Carpathians and Bulgarian mountain ranges in Eastern Europe as regional hot spots of biodiversity.


Read an interview with Dr. Pauls at ScienceWatch.com.

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