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Annual Bibliography Update

Published On: 5/12/2016

SFS Bibliography Update:  The 2014 SFS Bibliography is available. 


The annual SFS bibliography for the year 2014 – “Current and Selected Bibliographies on Benthic Biology” – is now available here, http://www.freshwater-science.org/Publications/Bibliography.cfm -- in both MS Word (SFS_Biblio_2014.docx) and PDF (SFS_Biblio_2014.pdf) formats.

Citations for literature published during 2015 annual SFS bibliography are now being compiled by SFS Literature Review Committee members.

Several sections of the annual bibliography have not been included for one or more years because previous committee members/section editors have either retired, changed professional affiliations, or no longer have access to library resources. 

Thus, new committee members are needed to assist us in compiling citations of pertinent papers published during the year 2015 – specifically for the following sections: Odonata, aquatic and semi-aquatic Heteroptera, aquatic Coleoptera, Diptera (3 subsections – Ceratopogonidae, Chironomidae, and miscellaneous Diptera), Acarina, and macroinvertebrate toxicology.

If you have interest and an expertise in one (or more) of the above groupings, please consider assisting our committee.

An historical perspective of the Society’s Literature Review Committee is now being prepared – to include the names of section contributors, committee chairs, and their years of service on this committee; many have served for 10 years of more, and a few for 30+ years.

-- Mark J. Wetzel (INHS), chair, SFS Literature Review Committee

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