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2014 SFS Endowment Awards for Students & Others

The Board of Trustees of the SFS Endowment Fund encourage students to apply for the 2014 Endowment Awards! These awards recognize excellence among our student members and are designed to support student research in a variety of areas.

The SFS Endowment Awards are based on research merit. Approximately 16 awards will be granted. The awards are supported by the General Endowment Fund, six named funds, and the Graduate Resource Committee (GRC). The various funds and eligibility criteria are described below. Applicants for a named fund will also be considered for the General Endowment Awards.

Description of the Funds:

  • Americas Fund provides a travel award for a student from Latin America (1 award of $1200).
  • Boesel-Sanderson Fund supports research on the natural history of organisms (1 award of $600.00). Established in recognition of Marion Waterman Boesel and Milton W. Sanderson.
  • Fellows Fund provides a travel award for Australian students (1 award of $2000). Established in memoriam of Christine (Christy) Susan Fellows.
  • General Endowment Fund supports any area of research (7-8 Awards of $900 each).
  • Mulholland Fund for Biogeochemical Research supports travel to the annual meeting for students studying stream biogeochemistry. The fund was established in honor of Patrick (Pat) Mulholland. The Mulholland Fund is new and presently no awards are available.
  • Petersen Fund provides travel award for non-North American students (1 award of $1200). Established in memoriam of Robert (Bob) Carl Petersen.
  • Simpson Fund supports research in applied issues (1 award of $600). Established in memoriam of Karl W. Simpson.
  • Systematics Fund supports various research expenses (including, for example, publication costs) in the area of taxonomy and systematics (1 award of $600).
  • Undergraduate Travel Award jointly sponsored by the GRC and the Endowment Committee (3 Awards of $600 each).


  1. Applicants must be CURRENT STUDENT members of SFS, with the exception of the systematics award for which researchers as well as students are eligible.
  2. Student award winners should be present at the annual meeting to receive the award.
  3. Students will only be eligible for one award during a specific degree program (i.e., only one during a B.S., B.A., M.S. or Ph.D. degree).
  4. A student cannot receive both an Endowment Award and a Conservation Committee Award in the same year.
  5. Students may receive only one award in an award year and must identify the funds (Awards) for which they wish to apply.
  6. The major professor/advisor of applicants must supply confirmation of graduate student standing.

There are no restrictions on how the awards can be spent from the General Endowment, Boesel/Sanderson, Simpson, or Systematics funds, but it is assumed that disbursements will be directly related to research leading to student degree programs, including travel to the SFS meeting. Funds from the Americas, Fellows, and Peterson funds must be used to support travel to the SFS meeting (i.e. recipients must attend the 2014 SFS meeting and give a presentation related to their research).

How to Apply

The awards will be granted on the basis of a one-page description of research or proposed research. Applications are due January 31, 2014, evaluated by the Board of Trustees, and applicants will be notified of the outcome in spring.

Applications must be submitted electronically on the SFS website using the link below. If you have any questions, contact the committee chair: Anna Hamilton, Anna.Hamilton@tetratech.com.

Apply now!

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