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Interest from these Endowment Funds are used to support SFS Endowment Awards each year. SFS Endowment Awards recognize excellence among our student members. They are based on merit and are highly competitive. The awards are designed to support student research. There are no restrictions on how the funds can be spent, but it assumed that disbursements will be directly related to research leading to student degree programs, including travel to the SFS meeting.

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Voluntary Donations*

A contribution of $20 from each SFS member would enable the Endowment Committee to fund one additional $500 award per year!


Supports any area of research.


The Simpson Fund provides research support to a student whose interests are in applied issues. The Simpson Fund was the first named endowment fund. It was established in 1990 as the Karl W. Simpson Memorial Endowment Fund, with donations from the New England Association of Environmental Biologists in memory of Karl Simpson, a popular NABS member.


This fund provides research support to a student with interests in the study of the natural history of aquatic organisms. Established in recognition of two individuals who greatly influenced the career of Dr. Harley Brown.


The Americas Fund provides a travel award for a student from Latin America.


The Petersen Fund provides travel support for non-North American students. Established in memory of Robert C. Petersen, Jr. who inspired stream ecologists through his research and teaching.


The Fellows Fund provides support to bring an Australian student to attend the NABS annual meeting each year. Established in memory of Dr. Christy Fellows who contributed substantially to stream and riparian ecology both in the US and Australia.


Established by Dr. Elizabeth Colburn to support research in the area of taxonomy and systematics.


Established to support research in environmental conservation.


The Mulholland Fund for Biogeochemical Research supports travel to the annual meeting for students studying stream biogeochemistry. The fund was established in honor of Dr. Patrick Mulholland, who inspired students and colleagues through his enthusiasm and rigor for research, his love of science, and his encouragement and compassion in mentoring younger researchers.

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